Light of Freedom

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Landscapes of Vietnam: mountains, rivers, jungles. Meeting in Hanoi of the 1st session of the National Assembly of the United Vietnam. Speech by the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Vietnam Le Duan. Views of Hanoi: streets, buildings, trade on the streets of the city. Unloading and loading operations in the port of Haiphong. Rice harvesting, soil cultivation on farms in Vietnam. Production processes at a tractor plant, at a thermal power plant in the North of Vietnam, coal mining, production processes in the workshops of the Hanoi Mechanical Plant, classes for students of the Hanoi Polytechnic Institute in laboratories, in classrooms, the construction of a highway from Kaolang to Minhai, the construction of the Trans-Vietnamese Railway. Types of Ho Chi Minh City: streets, buildings, street trade. Speech by N. but. Vietnam, dancer Thanh Loan (synchronously), view of the work of the sculptor Znap Minh Chau. Vietnamese pilots talk about how they master modern military aircraft and helicopters. Airplanes and helicopters in the air. Fishing by fishermen in Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. Collecting bananas and tea on plantations. Land development in Leminsuan - one of the regions of Vietnam, construction of canals. Types of Ho Chi Minh City: streets, squares, urban slums, the public on the streets. Everyday life of the city dwellers. Carpets and mats making. Medical services for the population, classes for students in schools, ballet school, city lyceum, book trade. The film uses footage of military chronicles during the period of American aggression, footage that captures Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh during his lifetime.
G. Asatiani
Film ID
, automobile transport
, railway transport
, water industry
, mechanical engineering
, trade
, plant growing
, music
, energy
, fuel industry
, fishing
, textile industry
, landscapes
, sea transport
, wars of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, air force
, cities
, education
, sculpture
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Sh. Shioshvili, Y. Baramidze
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