Like a Crane Cry

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A film about the Hero of the Soviet Union G.I.Bratchikov. Belarus. Minsk city. Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Meeting of veterans of the Great Patriotic War with the Polish writer and historian Janusz Pishmanovsky, whose efforts have restored the names of Soviet soldiers who died and were buried in Poland, who were listed as missing. Stables of one of the farms in the Brest region. Poland. Warsaw city. Ya. Pishmanovsky and the widow of G. I. Bratchikov - N. M. Tikhomirova walk along the city street, along the alley of the square. Monument to F. Chopin. Monument to the Liberators of Warsaw. Cemetery in one of the cities of Poland. The grave of G.I.Bratchikov, N.M. Tikhomirov is crying at the grave of her husband. Partisan cemetery in the Guma-Mikhalin tract. Monument on the graves of partisans. They talk about G.I.Bratchikov: N.M. Tikhomirova, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, former partisans, K.A.Gruzdev, V.U. Maro, M.I.Kot, F. Strizhak, V. I. Mironovsky, Kwasnetskaya (Poland). Ural. Types of the village where G.I.Bratchikov was born. The city of Leningrad. The building of the military school where G.I.Bratchikov studied. Arts Square. Chronicle footage of the Second World War, dedicated to the partisan movement. Views of the city of Warsaw.
A. Dzhamgerchinov
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the second world war
, rural settlements
, funeral
, secondary education
, cities
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S. Chadin
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Has Sound

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