Little Dragon Island OSTROV MALEHO DRAKA

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Part one View of the coastal part of the city of Singapore (from the top point). Buildings of the government quarter, passers-by on the street. Street cafe, visitors at the tables. Two men are resting on bicycle strollers. Chinatown. Merchants bring in goods in preparation for the working day. A salesperson weighs a Chinese pasta. A Chinese merchant prepares rice cakes on the street, and two young men watch him work. Trade pavilions, a Chinese man is painting a figurine. Cyclists in wheelchairs attached to a bicycle carry elderly people down the street. Shopping arcade in the Arabian and Indian quarters. High-rise buildings in modern Singapore. Singapore commercial seaport, loading of a merchant ship. Merchant ships at sea. City streets, traffic and people. Shop, escalators lift customers to the upper floors, customers at the shelves with goods. Aquarium with marine fish. Canteen, workers at table setting for tourists. Visitors at the tables. Visitors at breakfast in the bird garden. Chinese nightingales in cages delight visitors with their singing. The screams of parrots sitting on the branches of trees. A pond with birds, a red flamingo passes through the territory of the zoo. An orangutan moves along a tightrope, visitors take pictures. Orangutans perform in the animal show. An orangutan, dressed as a lady, approaches the visitors, sits down at a table next to the child, the child strokes a monkey. Orchids are blooming. Chinese or Japanese gardens with carefully manicured vegetation next to city buildings. Part two The river, on the bank - the buildings of Chinatown. In the background are skyscrapers. Special ships clean the river from garbage. The movement of people and vehicles along the streets of the city. Metro building. Tourists dine in small open-air kitchenettes. Many ships on the sea coast of the island (from the top point).
Jan Jaelinek
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P. Vaska
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