Little Nina

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A film about the Lilliputian circus "The Shining of Little Stars" and one of its artists, Nina Vasilievna Rud. Part 1 Lilliputian circus artist N. Rud in the dressing room tells how she became a circus artist, about ending her career as an aerial gymnast after falling during a performance in Yerevan (sinhr.). N. Rud's colleagues say that she is always in a creative search, that she devotes more time to work than to her personal life, that she has many friends (sinhr.). Lilliputian circus performers are preparing to enter the arena. The beginning of the show. Performances of cyclists, clowns, acrobats. N. Rud performs with trained poodles, dances with a poodle. The audience is applauding. N. Rud in the dressing room before the performance straightens his hair, dyes his eyelashes. Another artist is making up next to her. N. Rud and her colleague leave the dressing room, walk along the corridor. Part 2 Artists and employees of the Lilliputian circus have lunch in the dining room. N. Rud at the table says that he is working on a new program, since her dogs are sick, talks about the consequences for her health after the fall (sinhr.). N. Rud rehearses a number with a dog and a cat, chooses a dog at the poultry market. The circus artist says that N. Rud has 18 dogs, which were bought with her money (sync.) Circus artists say that a small person is determined not by height, but by the state of mind (sync.). Nina Rud says that she works with great dedication, and the little me does not think or not, that she has a full life and if they did not remind me on the street, life is beautiful (sync.). Nina Rud in the arena performs with a poodle (rapid).
V. Tyulkin
Film ID
the circus
, private trade
, public catering
Number of Parts
V. Osennikov, S. Osennikov
Other Creators
Sound operator R. Omarova, editor R. Kazakova, editor A. Bajgožina, director T. Буренкова
Release Date
Has Sound

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