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A film about increasing the efficiency of selection in livestock breeding using biotechnology methods. Part 1 Leningrad Region, Pushkin District. State pedigree plant "Lesnoye", where a program for the creation of one of the highly productive types of black-and-white cattle has been completed. A herd of cows in the meadow. Kind of a cow named "Coquette". Veterinarian, milkmaid, livestock specialist Zinaida Vasilievna Sokolova at the farm. Moscow region, Podolsk district. All-Union Scientific and Production Association for Livestock Breeding, where the All-Union Gene Bank of Seed of Highly Productive Animals is located. In vitro embryo transplantation. Type of cows - recipients and calves - transplants. Laboratory cloning (275.0 m). Part 2 Moscow region, Podolsk district. Laboratory of the All-Union Scientific and Production Association for Breeding, where a method is being developed for the maturation of eggs outside the body. Genetic engineering laboratory. The employee holds a rabbit in his hands. Artificial insemination of a pig. Vice-President of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the State Program of Biotechnology in Livestock Breeding, Academician Lev Konstantinovich Ernst speaks of fundamentally new possibilities for increasing the efficiency of selection using biotechnology methods, which allows accelerating the reproduction of genetically valuable individuals; on scientific cooperation with researchers in the field of agriculture of other countries (sync., behind the scenes). (254.7 m) Part 3 Kuibyshev region, hybrid breeding plant. Pig farm. Pigs of different breeds in pens. Artificial insemination of a pig. Moscow region, Podolsk district. Employees of the All-Union Scientific and Production Association for livestock breeding in the laboratory. Computing center. Academician, head Alexei Vasilievich Cherekaev in his office (245.9 m).
N. Kotov
Film ID
, state agricultural enterprises
, livestock
, genetics
, zoology
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
scriptwriter N. Kotov, consultant V. Gorin, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Teplenko, director G. Sharafutdinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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