Living Lenin

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Newsreel. Moscow city. The year is 1918. Red Army parade on the Khodynskoye field on May 1. Present: V. I. Lenin, N. K. Krupskaya, M. I. Ulyanova. Moscow city. August 1918. V. I. Lenin on a walk through the Kremlin. Conversations with V. I. Bonch-Bruevich. Moscow city. The year is 1918. V. I. Lenin speaks at the opening of the monument to K. Marx and F. Engels. The city of Petrograd. 1919 year. V. I. Lenin at the funeral of M. T. Elizarov, People's Commissar of Railways. Moscow city. March 18, 1919. The funeral of Ya. M. Sverdlov. V. I. Lenin speaks at a memorial meeting. 1919 year. VI Lenin speaks from the rostrum on Red Square, at the May Day parade. V. I. Lenin and N. K. Krupskaya in the car before leaving for the Rublevskaya water pumping station. May 6, 1919. V. I. Lenin, N. K. Krupskaya, A. V. Lunacharsky among the delegates of the First Congress on out-of-school education. May 25, 1919. Vsevobuch parade (General military training of citizens of the USSR) on Red Square in Moscow. Among those present: V. I. Lenin, N. K. Krupskaya, M. I. Ulyanova, T. Samueli (Hungary). V. I. Lenin is speaking. 1919, autumn. VI Lenin makes a speech from the balcony of the building of the Moscow Council (Mossovet) (synchronously). November 7, 1919. Military parade on Red Square. VI Lenin welcomes the troops, parade participants, demonstrators. May 1, 1920. VI Lenin speaks at the laying of monuments: K. Marx, "Liberated Labor". Lenin's apartment in the Kremlin. V. I. Lenin with a cat in his arms, N. K. Krupskaya at the table. The city of Petrograd. July 19, 1920. Meeting room of the II Congress of the Comintern. V. I. Lenin is speaking. Delegates in the hall. Moscow city. 1921 year. III Congress of the Comintern. VI Lenin on the steps of the rostrum, preparing to speak. Moscow region. The village of Gorki. Building, estate territory. V. I. Lenin stands at the window. 1922, October. V. I. Lenin in his office in the Kremlin.
M. Romm, M. Slavinskaya
Film ID
armed forces
, funeral
, state holidays
, government
, international communist movement
Number of Parts
E. Tisse, A. Levitsky, E. Slavinsky, G. Giber, Y. Zhelyabuzhsky, P. Novitsky
Other Creators
text by A. Surkov, music by A. Kholminov, editor N. Masalkina
Release Date
Has Sound

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