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Poland, Lodz region, January, 1945 1 cor. Radogosch. The Polish population with flags and banners at a rally near the prison. Priest-Canon Orlovsky serves a memorial service for the Poles killed and burned by the Germans. (160.5 m). 2 streets of the city after the liberation from the German occupation. The grave of the senior lieutenant, Hero of the Soviet Union Grigory Petrovich Taranchenko. (239.7 m) 3 kor The residents of the city joyfully greet the Soviet soldiers - liberators. Columns of captured Germans are passing through the streets. (162.2 m). 4 cor. 1 plot. Soviet tanks and artillery on the march. Tankers at a halt. Lieutenant General Nikolai Erastovich Berzarin with officers at the observation post. Major General Dmitry Prokofievich Semyonov, Lieutenant Colonel L.K. Stasov on the territory of a car repair plant left by the Germans during the retreat. 2 plot. Soviet soldiers leave the hospital and head towards the park. Residents of the city, Soviet soldiers in the zoo (306.5). 5 Cor. Meeting and memorial service for the victims of fascism at the walls of the Jewish ghetto. Major General of Artillery Stanislav Karlovich Grokhochinsky (202.9) delivered a speech at the meeting. 6 Cor. View of the suspension bridge across the street. Meeting and memorial service for the killed Poles - victims of fascism. (137.4).
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the second world war
, hospitals
, foreign countries (poland)
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M. Ya. Poselsky, S.I. Kiselev, V.G. Simkhovich, A.P. Sof'in, M.A. Shneider
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