Lonely Chunkurchak Ski Track

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The film tells about the development of mass skiing in Kyrgyzstan. Winter, factory chimneys are smoking. Houses on the outskirts of one of the cities. The faces of passers-by on one of the streets. Transport movement on the street - cars, regular buses, trolleybus are driving. Residential multi-storey buildings, construction of new houses, cranes are working. Snow-covered slopes of the Chunkurchak gorge. A man with skis climbs the slope. Kr pl. - the face of the skier. The skier drives down the mountain. A man and a boy on skis climb the mountain using a lift. Skiers race down the mountain, with snowy peaks in the background. Freestyle, skiers perform figures. Skiers jump from a small springboard out of the snow. The famous alpine skier, a member of the Alpine Skiing Federation of the Kyrgyz SSR V. Trilevsky stands in the uniform of a skier on a mountain slope, talks about the need for a state approach to the problem of winter recreation. NDP on snow-capped mountain peaks, forest on the slopes. Athletes on a lift climb the mountains. A camp site in the mountains in the suburbs of Frunze, a panorama of two-story houses. Honored Architect of the Kyrgyz SSR I. Kadyrbekov stands on the ski slope, talking about the need for government intervention in the organization of winter sports. A cameraman with a camera is skiing from the mountain. Pass Kashkasu, athletes on the site are preparing for the descent, among them - young skiers. The girl-skier smiles - A woman with a little boy in her arms goes downhill on skis from the slope. Alpine skiing competitions start, teams from KOEMZ, Tyazhelektroprom plant. Fragments of the competition, skiers drive along the track. Four athletes ride along the side of the mountain, performing figures. NDP on the faces of athletes training at the "Polytechnic". Freestyle training. Group mentor P. Chernyak demonstrates the figures. P. Chernyak performs a somersault on skis, going down the mountain. Departmental camp site "Kashkasu" - general view. Skiers go uphill on a lift, in the background are the houses of the camp site. Employees of the plant "Kirgizelectrodvigatel", "Geological Management" and the trust "Santekhmontazh" are resting at the base. The director of the tourist center V. Glushchenko is standing on the slope, smiling. An alpine skier rides a slope with a baby on her back. Skiers put on a costume show on the slope. Performance in the tourist center club, the audience applauds. V. Glushchenko plays the piano, the clown girl plays the cello. The participants of the holiday dance in masquerade costumes. Fireworks. Night, skiers with burning torches in their hands, descend from the mountain. Views of the Chunkurchak valley - snow-covered slopes, the NDP along the mountain peaks.
M. Aliev
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urban transport
, holidays
, freestyle
, building
, spa assistance
, skiing
, landscapes
, restcitypopulation
, residential houses
, peoples life
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С. Koichumanov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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