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The film tells about the beauty of the nature of the Stavropol Territory, about the people of the Stavropol Territory. The first part: Panorama of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Panorama over snow-covered fields. View of the river, forest along the banks, rocks (top view). View of the fields from the top of the mountain. Steppe. The village is at the foot of the mountain. Panorama over the plowed fields. The sun is reflected in the water of the river. Harvesting equipment in the fields, sheaves in the fields (from above). An excavator loads soil into the back of a truck. Honored meliorator of Russia, who took part in the construction of all the canals of the Stavropol Territory, who worked in Mongolia and Vietnam, Ivan Filippovich Tishchenko in the cabin of an excavator. IF Tishchenko works on the construction of the Great Stavropol Canal. Construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers, trucks) are working on the construction of the canal. Dump trucks "BelAZ" go along the road among the fields (filmed from above). Harvesting grain in the field. Hero of Socialist Labor, chief agronomist of the Temizhbeksky state farm Evdokia Petrovna Seliverstova, driving a UAZ car, drives along the road among the fields, talking with machine operators on the road. E.P. Seliverstova - cr. Pl. EP Seliverstova in her office talks about how to become a good agronomist (sinhr.). Hero of Socialist Labor, head of the 3rd branch of the state farm Vladimir Dmitrievich Dudyrev talks with E.P. Seliverstova. V.D.Dudyrev talks about E.P. Seliverstova (sync. And behind the scenes). NDP in the wheat field, - ears of corn. Harvesting wheat in the fields, harvesters are going. - wheat grains are poured into the back of a truck. Plowing the field. A girl and a young man in national Russian costumes stand on the field with a loaf in their hands. Senior comrades are presenting young machine operators with bread and salt. G. Stavropol, summer, girls go down the stairs on one of the streets of the city. Young people are marching down the street with the flags of the union republics. All-Union meeting of student brigades, formation on the solemn line. Schoolchildren work in the field, among them are children from Central Asia. The girl presents a bouquet of wheat ears to the mentor on the ruler, the guys applaud. Pupils handing flowers to mentors, tying ribbons of honor. The second part. Summer, work on the construction of the Great Stavropol Canal. General view of mounted steel pipes along a rural road. Reinforcement of the channel with plastic wrap. Construction equipment is working. Eating excavator. Clouds in the sky. A construction crane is working. Construction work at night under the light of searchlights. Moscow metro builders are working on the construction of the canal - they are punching a tunnel on the highway. Workers on a smoke break, smiling, smoking one cigarette at all. Workers stand at the entrance to the drift. The sign “THE BRIGADE OF SHEEP MASTER HERO OF SOCIALIST LABOR, INITIATOR OF SOCIAL WORKS HERE. COMPETITION "FIVE YEARS IN 4 YEARS" RUDENKO VASILY STEFANOVICH ". Sheep graze in the meadow. Shepherd of the breeding farm "Ipatovsky" VS Rudenko - V.S. Rudenko grazes sheep in the meadow, talks with the shepherds. Sits at a table with a samovar with his family in his garden. - the wife of V.S. Rudenko, Nina Ivanovna, awarded the Order of Labor Glory. Laureate of the State Prize, Hero of Socialist Labor Veniamin Vlasovich Snegovoy, who created a new breed of sheep, walks along the alley among the portraits of members of the USSR government, stands in the pasture among the sheep. Stavropol fine-wool sheep, which was bred by V.V.Snegova. The chief zootechnician of the Sovetskoe Fleece breeding plant VV Snegovoy checks the quality of sheep wool. Sheep in the paddock, grazing. Breeding factory buildings. Tractors are driving across the field. Grain is poured into the car body. Tractors with trailers harrow the ground. Apricots on the branches of a tree. View of the 2nd stage of the Big Stavropol Canal. Solemn launching of water - a brass band is playing, men are carrying red flags, portraits of state leaders. Cinematographers are filming the start on film cameras. - Heroes of Socialist Labor at the rally. The guests of honor cut the ribbon, the water starts, those present throw flowers into the water. View of the channel (filmed from a flying helicopter). Lake in the mountains, a panorama of the snow-capped mountain peaks. NDP on sown fields. Forest on the slopes of the mountains. Trucks are driving along the road among the hills.
M. Kolesnikov
Color, широкоэкран.
Film ID
, road transport
, state farms
, building
, livestock
, landscapes
, territory
, reclamation
, plant growing
, peoples life
Number of Parts
M. Kolesnikov
Other Creators
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