Lynx Goes Out on the Trail

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Part One Once, while walking around the reserve, forester Mikhalych found an orphaned lynx, gave him shelter and raised him. The film story "The Path of Unselfish Love" told about their fate, full of adventures, about the extraordinary friendship of a man and a dangerous predator - a lynx named Kunak. In the material: A lynx sits in a winter forest; to the voice of the forester: "Kunak!" - turns around and goes to meet the forester. Forester, skiing with a gun on his shoulders, talking to a trot (sync.). The forester drives through the forest, a trot is in front of him, sometimes stops, waiting for the owner. The lynx retrieves a hazel grouse frozen under the snow, plays with it, then begins to gnaw it. The forester calls (sync.) A lynx, gives the command to look for hazel grouses stuck in ice captivity. The lynx helps the forester to free the birds caught under the ice crust. Birds take off. Fighting moose with wolves. Sunset over the forest. The forester's dwelling, the forester fills up a kerosene lamp, goes to the stove, puts food in a bowl and puts it in front of a lynx sitting on the floor. The lynx is eating. A fire burns in the stove, the forester sits on the bed. The lynx moves away from the bowl of food and lies at the feet of the forester, the forester strokes the animal on the head, talking with him (sinhr.). Then he opens the door, the lynx runs out of the house and climbs the ladder to his house. - 251.2 m The second part of Kunak sleeps in the attic of the barn. A lynx passes through the forest near the fence, making sounds. Kunak sleeps in the attic, the trot runs by the fence, Kunak opens his eyes. The lynx stands by the fence. Kunak comes down from the attic and runs to the fence. Animals sniff each other. The lynx jumps over the fence. Animals play with each other. The forester chops wood and calls: "Kunak!" The forester is collecting firewood, talking with Kunak (sync.). Kunak in the attic. Kunak with a forester in the winter forest. Kunak stops at the cry of a trot. The forester talks to the animal and continues on his way. Then he stops and runs after the fleeing animal shouting "Kunak!" The forester stops, wipes the sweat from his forehead with his hat and looks after the fleeing beast. Winter forest, Kunak runs up to his girlfriend. Animals play, frolic, walk together in the winter forest. View of the village with a temple. The forester approaches the house, greets the young man from a distance, greeting him: "Hello, Fedya!" - the district militiaman answers the greeting (sync.) The militiaman leads the forester to the house, where he chooses a puppy. - 278.7 m Part Three. Mikhalych with the puppy and the precinct leave the house. Early spring, the stream murmurs. Birds sit on branches, with blossoming leaves, at twisted nests. Spring forest in the valley of the mountains. In the thickets of the forest, Kunak is walking with his girlfriend. Kunak finds a fallen hare and rips off its fur. A bear walks through the forest, looking for food. Sensing lynxes feeding on prey, it goes to them and greedily begins to eat up the rest. Kunak pounces on a bear trying to take away the remnants of food, a fight ensues. Kunak, defeated in the struggle, lies. The forester, sitting in the house, looks at his watch, his gaze rushes to the photographs hanging on the wall, and stops at the photograph of Kunak. Mikhalych with a gun walks through the summer forest (cuckoo cuckoo), a puppy runs after him. The puppy runs among the trees and, noticing a lynx on the tree, raises a bark. Mikhalych approaches him, he notices Kunak lying nearby, bends over the wounded animal and carries him away in his arms. On the porch of the house, Mikhalych is sitting squatting at the lying Kunak. A puppy runs up to them. Addressing the puppy, Mikhalych says: "You see, Altai, our fugitive has recovered!" (sync.). Kunak eats grass. Part four. Mikhalych walks through the forest, watching a group of armed people passing through the forest, approaches them and warns about the prohibition of hunting in the reserved forest (sinhr.). Poachers threaten Mikhalych, Kunak comes to his aid. Mikhalych continues to walk around the forest. Kunak and Altai eat from the same bowl, then Kunak leaves the bowl and follows Mikhalych. A panorama from the treetops of the walkers passing through the forest: Mikhalych and a local policeman. They walk across the stream. Mikhalych looks through binoculars at a herd of wild boars, smiling, makes a note in a notebook. A she-bear with a bear cub are walking through the forest. A bear cub and a hog are playing in the forest. A small lynx looks from the tree at Mikhalych and the district police officer passing by. Lynx cubs in a den on a tree. An adult lynx descends from a tree. Mikhalych and the precinct leave the animal lair. Crawlers watch the deer grazing in the thickets. The deer is running away. A helicopter is flying by. The roar of the beast is heard, the linemen descend in the thickets to the roaring beast. Roaring bear. Length of poses. - 270.0 m Part five. A bear cub is roaring, caught in a trap, a bear is running nearby. The crawlers decide to free the bear cub with a shot into the trap. Mikhalych shoots. The bear and the bear run away. Alarmed by the shot, birds are chattering in the sky. The district police officer says: "Well, you and the sniper, Mikhalych!" (sinhr.) Mikhalych replies: "And I, by the way, was him during the war!" (sync.) Mikhalych pours water from a well near the house, Kunak walks nearby. A helicopter flies in the sky over the forest. There is a group of poachers in the helicopter cabin. The crew in the helicopter cockpit. Flying over the forest, the crew members saw a bear with a bear cub on a sandy spit. After a short agreement, the commander agrees to put the helicopter on a scythe to take the animals. The poacher in the helicopter is preparing the weapons of the crime. Mikhalych sits at the table by the house and feeds the birds sitting on the table in front of him. Mikhalych hears shots and runs out from behind the table. Poachers from a helicopter are firing at bears. The bear swims on the water. The commander of the helicopter (sync.): “Or maybe it’s for the best, we will assume that nothing happened. No shooting, no bears! " The helicopter flies in. A bear cub runs out of the thickets onto a sand spit, stops by the water and calls for its mother. Kunak and Mikhalych come out onto the sand spit. Bear footprints and blood stains in the sand. Mikhalych walks along the spit, raises the sleeve from the cartridge. - 284.8 m Part six. Kunak runs out of the thickets of the forest. He sits by the tree on which the crying bear cub sits. Then he gets up and climbs the tree trunk to the crying bear cub. Mikhalych comes out of the thickets, stops by a tree with a crying bear cub and shouts: “Kunak, don't, Kunak! Get off! Leave him alone. He is already an adult, he will cope with his grief on his own. Let's go! " Kunak obediently descends from the tree trunk. The bear cub sits on a tree. Kunak and Altai are playing lying near the house. Mikhalych comes out of the house and shouts: “Altai, Kunak, where is Masha? Come on, follow her quickly! " Altai and Kunak run into the forest. The bleating of a goat is heard. A snake is crawling. Altai runs in the thickets of grass. The goat is eating grass. A goat is running, Altai is running after it, barking. Kunak and Altai follow the goat. A snake hisses from a tree branch. Kunak is fighting a snake, Altai is watching the fight. A goat is running, followed by Kunak and Altai, run into the courtyard of the house. A district police officer enters the courtyard and, in a conversation with Mikhalych, reports that the helicopter was charged by geologists and flew from the base with equipment. Mikhalych: “But the bear didn't show up like that. It was not the angels who lifted her to heaven! " (sync.). District police officer: “But you can't drag her on board without landing a helicopter. And no traces of landing were found. Fact!" (sync.). Mikhalych: “For me, Fedya, the more important fact is that among the geologists Lyokha has got in the way. And where is Lyokha, wait for any violation there! " (sync.). District police officer: "Everything is not specific." (sync.). The goat butts Altai. Mikhalych is sitting by the porch of the house, the district policeman comes out of the door of the house. District police officer: “Are you worried? May we find these sons of bitches! " (syhnr.) Mikhalych: “Others will appear. This is not an easy thing to do. Goodness must be taught from childhood. " (sync.). District police officer: "The law must be toughened." Mikhalych: “Severity, of course, is also needed, but love is stronger. I think that all hope is for her. You know, Fedya, let's go tomorrow for a distant hill! " Precinct: "To the geologists?" Mikhalych: "Yes." - 276.2 m Part Seven. District police officer Fyodor and Mikhalych ride a motorcycle through the forest. Mikhalych is holding Altai in his arms, Kunak is running after them. A helicopter is flying by. Mikhalych: "Circling again!" (sync.) Precinct: "Something is suspicious" (sync.) Alarmed by the noise of the helicopter, the animals are rushing about (from the top point). Shooting from a helicopter, deer are running. Lynx cubs are hiding in a den. Poachers are shooting from a flying helicopter. The helicopter is landing. Mikhalych with the district police officer, accompanied by Altai and Kunak, run to the crime scene through the forest thickets. Poachers put the killed animal on a tarp. Mikhalych gives the command to Kunak: "Search!" Poachers are in a hurry to load the dead moose onto a helicopter, at this time Kunak runs out of the forest and detains the poachers from loading. A district police officer and Mikhalych run up to the helicopter. The district police officer forces the poachers to load the killed moose in a helicopter and himself gets into the helicopter with them. The helicopter takes off. Mikhalych, along with their pets, leave. The helicopter flies over the forest. Mikhalych owls are walking along the flowering meadow with his pupils. Kunak passes. Kunak looks into the camera lens. - 285.5 m
А. Babayan
Film ID
Number of Parts
A. Kaznin
Other Creators
scriptwriter L. Belokurov, N. Kemarsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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