Lyubov Orlova

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A film about the life and work of the theater and film actress L. P. Orlova. The interiors of the cottage and apartment of L. P. Orlova. The husband of L.P. Orlova, film director G.V. Aleksandrov at home. People say about L. P. Orlova: artist R. Ya. Plyatt, artist N. A. Sokolov (member of the creative team of Kukryniksy), playwright I. L. Prut, director of the Ivanovo weaving factory named after March 8 Z. P. Pukhov (sinhr .). The film uses photographic materials and fragments of films with the participation of L. P. Orlova: "Petersburg Night" (1934), "Merry Fellows" (1934), "Circus" (1936), "Volga-Volga" (1938), " Shining Path "(1940)," Fighting Film Collection No. 4 "(1941)," The Artamonovs' Case "(1941)," Spring "(1947)," Meeting on the Elbe "(1949)," Composer Glinka "(1952)," Russian souvenir "(1960). 1 part. Moscow city. Christmas tree on the street. The building of the Musical Theater named after Nemirovich-Danchenko. The city of Gagra. The house in which the filming of the movie "Merry Guys" took place (directed by G. V. Aleksandrov). Mountain and sea landscapes. A working funicular. The audience at the beach. K / t plans: [1973] - the last screen test by L. P. Orlova: an episode from J. Patrick's play "Strange Mrs. Savage" (sinhr.). Part 2. Moscow city. The building of the Bolshoi Theater (evening shooting). Landscapes of the Moscow Region. Playbill for the movie "Merry Guys". C / t plans: 1934 - filming process for the movie "Merry Fellows" directed by G.V. Aleksandrov. Part 3. K / t plans: [1921] - vehicles are passing along Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, a traffic controller is on the street; 1923 - G.V. Aleksandrov as Glumov in a fragment of the film "Glumov's Diary; [1970s] - ballerinas are studying at the bench; 1973 - gala evening at the Central House of Cinema, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of G V. Alexandrova; G. V. Aleksandrov and L. P. Orlova on stage; the head of the Central Puppet Theater S. V. Obraztsov (sinhr.); Among those present - V. V. Sanaev, L. A. Kulidzhanov; 1975 - director G. L. Roshal talks about L. P. Orlova (sinhr.) Part 4 Moscow City: May Day demonstration on Red Square Take off a spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome Construction of the BAM Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow Moscow: film director G.V. Aleksandrov and J. Patterson, who starred in the movie "Circus" (1936), in the auditorium; the juggler rehearses in the arena. G.V. Alexandrov and J. Patterson talk at G.V. Aleksandrova (sinhr.) Director of the Ivanovo weaving factory named after March 8 ZP Pukhov in his office, at the production facility. K / t plans: 1923 - fragments of the film "Glumov's Diary" (film director S. M. Eisenstein near the playbill of the play "Enough simplicity for every wise man", actor M. M. Straukh in the role of Mamilyukov-Prolivny, actors I. Yazikanov, V. Yanukov); [1930s] - miners work with jackhammers; combine operator at work; [1935-36] - shock workers of labor, weavers of the Vichugskaya factory named after. Nogina, sisters E. and M. Vinogradovs work on looms; 1936 - pilots V.P. Chkalov, A.V.Belyakov, G.F.Baidukov at the airfield; June, 1937 - VP Chkalov with his family drives by in a car along the streets of Moscow, flyers fly; [1945-47] - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov visit a cadet of the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School J. Patterson, who was filming in the movie "Circus". Part 5. Volgograd city: River station; the Motherland Monument on the Mamayev Kurgan; "Meteor-45" is sailing along the Volga river. K / t plans: [1937-39] - Chairman of the USSR Central Executive Committee M. I. Kalinin presents orders to art workers (among those present - L. P. Orlova, Ya. B. Zheimo, N. M. Khmelev, I. N. Bersenev, G.V. Aleksandrov, S.M. Eisenstein), awarded are photographed for memory; [1941] - Nazi planes drop bombs; men are given rifles and ammunition; seeing off the military to the front; 1944 - L. P. Orlova speaks to the soldiers in the Krasnovodsk port; February, 1943 - a view of the destroyed city of Stalingrad (removed from an airplane), residents are dismantling the rubble, girls are working on restoration work, resting. Part 6. K / t plans: 1929-32 - S. M. Eisenstein, E. K. Tisse, G. V. Aleksandrov during a business trip abroad; 1930-60s - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov among the fans; 1946 - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov during a boat trip in Czechoslovakia; [1960-70s] - Ch. Chaplin and GV Aleksandrov. Part 7. C / t plans: [1940s] - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov at home, looking at old posters. Part 8. C / t plans: November 9, 1950 - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov at a meeting of the masters of Soviet cinema with Moscow workers; 1956 - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov at home (sinhr.); [1950s] - Academician P. L. Kapitsa walks in the country; 1956 - composer D. D. Shostakovich writes music at the dacha; [1950-60s] - Italian artist Renato Guttuso at work; late 1960s - L. P. Orlova and G. V. Aleksandrov on excursions in London: pass over the Westminster bridge; go to the house of the English actress Patrick Campbell. Part 9. City of Moscow: the building of the theater. Mossovet; the streets of the town. Motor ship "Lyubov Orlova" of the Far Eastern Shipping Company at sea.
G. V. Alexandrov, G. Alexandrov Jr., E. Mikhailova
Film ID
the second world war
, cultural connections
, architecture
, music
, culture
, textile industry
, theatre
, landscapes
, cinema
, mining industry
, rail transport
, sea transport
, awards
, labor
, private buildings
, the circus
, percussion
, professional education
, cities
Number of Parts
G. Rerberg, B. Sutotsky, A. Epishin
Other Creators
Script writers - G. V. Alexandrov, G. Alexandrov Jr.; voice-over text - L. Nikolaev
Release Date
Has Sound

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