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The reporter interviews the order bearer M. G. Sorov. Close-up - orders and medals on a jacket. Exhibition of photographs of wartime, among them photographs of the capture of Berlin. Party meeting in the club: people raise party cards, the NDP on the faces of those present, among them - MG Sorov. General view of the presidium of the meeting, on the curtain - a portrait of V. I. Lenin. Sale of photo albums in the lobby of the club; people are looking at albums, M. G. Sorov among people at the counter. The salesperson helps buyers choose an album. People leave the club, say goodbye to each other. Meeting dedicated to the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. General view of the hall in which the veterans are sitting. Presidium, a panorama of the members of the Presidium wearing orders and medals, among them M. G. Sorov. The audience is applauding; get up; panorama of the auditorium. Solemn carrying out of the Red Banner. Close-up M. G. Sorov. The pioneers beat the drums. Pioneers in military uniform come out with a solemn step, the leader is in front. A panorama of the children's faces. Sailors with the Red Banner march to the stage, congratulating the veterans. A panorama of the sailors' faces.
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the great patriotic war
, communist parties
, exhibitions
, medals
, childrens organizations
, state holidays
, trade
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