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The film introduces new technological advances in the field of aircraft and rocketry. 1st part. Sheremetyevo-2 air terminal complex. Waiting room, operating room, checkpoint, information about the departure and arrival of aircraft on the scoreboard. Assembling the Proton launch vehicle in the shop of the Khrunichev State Space Center. The territory and building of the test complex of the All-Union Design and Technological Institute of Power Engineering (Energomash). Space engine test. Rocket engines at the stands of the Energomash Museum. Portrait of the designer, founder of the domestic liquid-propellant rocket engine V.P. Grushko. Rocket start. A hydraulic single-cylinder super press, with the help of which new structural materials for rocketry are obtained, and a press control panel at the Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A sample of the new material is the "Desna" supercomposite. Assembly of ejection seats of various modifications, testing of seats with a dummy in the shops of the Zvezda plant near Moscow. 2nd part. The chief designer of the Zvezda plant demonstrates to a group of specialists the work of a machine - a "motorcycle" for work in open space. Models of helicopters at the stands of the Kamov Helicopter Complex Museum. Aircraft K-50; mechanics are preparing the helicopter for flight. Helicopter equipment. Demonstration flight of the helicopter. Tests of the IL-114 aircraft model in the T-128 wind tunnel of the Zhukovsky Central Aerodynamic Institute (TsAGI). Aviation holiday at the airfield in Tushino. Helicopters, fighters in the air. Spectators at the airport. Chronicle footage: water and thermal tests of aircraft models; testing of a helicopter model with tinted air flows; vibration test of the model; takeoff of military aircraft.
V. Sivkov
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, aviation industry
, airports
, air force
, museums
, air transport
, technical physics and applied mechanics
, cosmonautics
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V. Kuzin
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