Magic Beam

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The film is a story about the history of Soviet cinematography from its inception to the 1960s. Fragments of feature films: "Polikushka", "Be quiet, sadness, be silent", "Red devils", "Battleship Potemkin", "Mother", "Launch of life", "Chapaev", "Youth of Maxim", "Vyborg side", " We are from Kronstadt "," Merry Guys "," Circus "," Big Life "," Komsomolsk "," Party ticket "," Member of the Government "," Lenin in October "," A Man with a Gun "," Two Soldiers ", "Rainbow", "Young Guard", "Pavel Korchagin", "The Exploit of a Scout", "Country Teacher", "Ballad of a Soldier", "Fate of a Man", "Clear Sky", "Deputy of the Baltic", "Striped Flight", "Height", "Big family", "Communist", "9 days of one year", "Goodbye, pigeons", "Carnival night", "Girls". Fragments of documentaries, cartoons; newsreels; working moments of filming feature films. Masters of Soviet cinema. Directors: S. Eisenstein, V. Pudovkin, A. Dovzhenko, Dziga Vertov, S. Gerasimov, S. Vasiliev and G. Vasiliev, G. Kozintsev, A. Trauberg, F. Ermler, Yu. Raizman, G. Alexandrov, I Savchenko, N. Shengelaya, G. Chukhrai, S. Yutkevich, L. Kulidzhanov, S. Bondarchuk, A.A. Ovanesov. Cameramen (including A.N. Moskvin); artists; composers. Soviet film actors: B. Babochkin, B. Chirkov, L. Orlova, L. Utesov, B. Andreev, N. Kryuchkov, T. Makarova, V. Maretskaya, N. Mordyukova, P. Kadochnikov, V. Ivashov, E Urbansky, O. Tabakov, N. Cherkasov, I. Makarova, N. Rybnikov, I. Smoktunovsky, I. Ilyinsky and others. Speech by NS Khrushchev (synchronously) at a meeting of the leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet government with workers of literature and art.
I. Poselsky, V. Katanyan, R. Carmen
Film ID
, communist parties
, higher state bodies
, cinema
Number of Parts
B. Citron
Other Creators
Music by A. Muravlev, A. Lokshin, sound by V. Georgievskaya, D. Ovsyannikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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