Magic Flame

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The technician connects the gas stoves in the apartments of the new settlers. Residents of new apartments use gas stoves. The use of natural gas in the operation of power plants, cement, blast furnaces, open-hearth furnaces. Transportation of pipes to the construction site of pipelines on tractors, rafts, using tug boats. Construction of the Saratov-Moscow gas pipeline. Academician EO Paton at work on the design of a welding machine, welders working on the construction of a gas pipeline, weld pipes with welding machines EO Paton. New installation for contact-butt welding of B. E. Paton's structure. Laying gas pipelines in the ground, at the bottom of the river, in the desert, across the Main Caucasian ridge. Gas mains maps: Bukhara-Ural, Stavropol-Moscow. Gas holders. Compressor stations, gas distribution stations. Emergency gas service workers. Transportation of liquid gas in cylinders by car. Plastic products, synthetic clothing, technical parts made from natural gas. Nitrogen fertilizers from gas. Production of rubber from gas at the Sumgait rubber plant. Geological gas exploration. Gas outlet from under the river bed: geysers. Transportation of the household tower to the gas outlet. The drilling foreman regulates the work of the drill. Drillers are working. Gas outlet to the surface of the earth. Gas torch flame.
N. Churikov
Film ID
, science
, energy
, metallurgy
, building
, everyday life
, construction industry
, pipeline transport
, utilities
Number of Parts
D. Mamedov, A. Ulyanov
Other Creators
Screenplay by Y. Boxerman, I. Osipov, music by S. Stempnevsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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