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The city of Norilsk. Transport and pedestrian traffic on city streets in winter. One of the new areas of the city. The guys ride down the ice slide in the courtyard of the house. Norilsk Order of Lenin Metallurgical Combine. Meeting of the technical council. Production processes in the steelmaking shop. One of the design workshops of "Norilskproekt"; architects and designers at work. A building decorated with a banner with the inscription: "Session of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR". Meeting of the visiting session of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR on hygienic problems of the Arctic with the participation of the Moscow Research Institute named after F.F. Elisman; participants in the meeting in the hall; speakers on the podium. Mine "Mayak" of the Talnakh copper-nickel deposit. Ground structures of the mine. A miner works in a mine with a drill, which is irrigated with water to reduce the dustiness of the mine atmosphere. One of the production halls of the processing plant. Sanitary doctors take measurements of the air in the workshop. A unit for fluoridation of drinking water at a factory. Meeting of employees of the safety department. The building of the medical unit of the Norilsk mining and processing plant. Patients take procedures in a physiotherapy room. The ophthalmologist examines the patient in the office. The laboratory assistant conducts a blood test in the laboratory. Employees of the sanitary epidemiological station are examining a geographical map. Sports activities for children in kindergarten. Lakes, woods, houses of the "Robinson" camp site.
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medical services for the population
, science
, mining industry
, urban transport
, metallurgy
, relaxation
, architecture
, sanitary inspection
, general issues
, tourism
, preschool education
, landscapes
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