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The film is dedicated to the issues of increasing the efficiency of railway transport. The chief engineer of the station Lyublino I. Ye. Seleznev talks about the optimization of the mode of the station process (synchronously). Workers of the Lyublino station talk with the head of the Yasinovataya station of the Donetsk railway A. V. Muratov. Yasinovataya station worker I. Chernyavsky forms the train. A shunting diesel locomotive pushes carriages. A. V. Muratov talks with the dispatcher in the room of the shunting dispatcher. View of the Yasinovataya station. The train goes along the railway bridge over the Volga River. The dispatcher of the Kinel station of the Kuibyshev railway V. M. Shatalov is talking on the phone in the control room. Station dispatchers work at tables in front of the control board. The head of the station Kinel S. N. Samorukov speaks at a meeting of the technical council of the station (synchronously); talks with other workers at the station. Demonstration of new methods of station work using a computer at the station Leningrad - Sortirovochny - Moskovsky. The foreman of the complex brigade of the Odessa - Tovarnaya station IV Malyga talks about the best experience of the brigade (synchronously). Unloading wagons in the port of Illichivsk near Odessa. A worker commands a crane carrying loads using a portable radio station. Various trains are moving along the railroad tracks.
Yu. Zakrevsky
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railroad transport
, innovation
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G. Craps
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