Makaryevsky Monastery

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The film tells about the Holy Trinity Zheltovodsky Makaryevsky Monastery, founded by Elder Macarius in 1435, about the past of the monastery and its present. 1 part. Men are talking around the fire, discussing the issue of possible flooding of the monastery buildings in connection with the spring flood (per frame). General view of the Makaryevsky monastery. Cows and calves walk around the monastery walls. River landscape. The motor ship is sailing along the Volga. Fragment of a wall with an inscription in Old Church Slavonic. Two men on the territory of the monastery near the Holy Trinity Cathedral (1658). One of them says that there is a monastery secret associated with the penetration of the territory of the monastery by Masons, who were trying to turn the Trinity Cathedral into their temple (sinhr. And for the frame.). Views of the gate church of Michael the Archangel (1670), part of the fortress wall, the rotunda at the burial place of Abraham Abraham (1640), the dilapidated building of the archimandrite corps. The woman is baptized on the domes of the temple. Women are walking along the path. The artist is restoring the preserved frescoes in the Holy Trinity Cathedral. The inscription on the wall of the cathedral "HELLO, VASYA". View of the bell tower (1651) in the construction "scaffolding". The building of the Nursing building on the territory of the monastery. Heaps of rubbish on the territory of the Makaryevsky Monastery (filmed with passage). River landscape at sunset, a tugboat floats along the river (words of prayer are heard behind the scenes). Temple of Michael the Archangel on the background of the river. General view of the Makaryevsky monastery at sunset. Landscape of the environs of the monastery at dawn. A woman and a girl are walking down the street littered with boards and logs. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Foundation for the Restoration and Development of the Makaryevsky Monastery V. Naidenko says (per frame) that after the adoption of the decree on the construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric power station, everything began to collapse, the village fell into decay, the inhabitants were only 150 people, the rest dispersed to different places ... V. Naidenko says that Saint Macarius will not allow these places to be empty. The place where the monastery is located should feed, for example, as a tourist center. General view of a group of students from a local school and other children with flowers. Part 2. A sign on the building with the inscription: “GORKOVSKY STATE HISTORICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM-RESERVE. MUSEUM "MAKARIEVSKY MONASTERY". Fragment of a wall in a monastery with an inscription in Old Church Slavonic. Portraits of the noblewoman Morozova, Archpriest Avvakum and Patriarch Nikon in the museum's exposition. Old handwritten books in the museum showcases, pre-revolutionary photographs of famous photographers [M. Dmitriev and A. Karelin] with views of the Makaryevsky monastery and the Nizhny Novgorod fair, as well as everyday sketches from the life of the inhabitants of the Nizhny Novgorod province. Visitors get acquainted with the exhibits in the halls of the museum. The guide conducts a guided tour for museum visitors. Behind the scenes, a story is heard about how Patriarch Nikon fought against the Old Believers-schismatics, and also about the fact that the future Archpriest Avvakum and the future Patriarch Nikon, fellow countrymen, were born in neighboring villages. Avvakum in Grigorovo, and Nikon in Voldemanovo. General view of the book "Lives of Archpriest Avvakum, written by Avvakum himself." A copy of the manuscript of the "Life" of the 17th century. Local historian E. Pchelin shows and then reads out an old document - glued, which tells about the Makaryevskaya fair (sync. And off-screen.). Museum staff for a description of museum items. View of the restoration workshop. Artist-restorer V. Kosushkin restores an Old Believer icon depicting Protopop Avvakum. V. Naydenko gives interviews (sinhr. And for the frame.) About the Makaryevsky monastery, about the problems associated with its restoration. The motor ship "Meteor" is sailing along the Volga. Panorama of the Nursing Building in the monastery. View of the sawmill near the walls of the monastery. Logs in the yard of the sawmill, Work at the sawmill. The winch lifts the finished boards. Sawmill workers are resting on the rubble. Restoration work on the territory of the monastery. Workers are cleaning the domes and walls of the Church of Archangel Michael. View of a rural house in the vicinity of the monastery. The truck is parked in the yard. General view of the country road and the territory of the Makaryevsky monastery with temples and other buildings (filmed from a helicopter). Fresco depicting St. Macarius. Pilgrims and tourists on the territory of the monastery during one of the Orthodox holidays. A woman with children is sitting on the grass. Restoration work in the monastery. View of the monastery from the river.
A. Budnikov
Film ID
timber industry
, christianity
, museums
, landscapes
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
V. Aboimov, A. Budnikov
Other Creators
screenwriter V. Gerchikov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Robinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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