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The military operation to liberate Donbass was led by the commander of the Southern Front, General of the Army Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin, and the commander of the South-Western Front, General of the Army Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky. Makeevka was liberated by parts of the 3rd rifle and 6th rifle corps. The city center was liberated by the 54th Guards Rifle Division of Major General Mikhail Matveyevich Danilov. Southern Front, 5th Shock Army, Makeyevka, September 6, 1943 Soviet troops are fighting to liberate them from the Nazis: machine gunners, using smoke from the fire as a camouflage, are fighting in the area of the metallurgical plant. Kirov, fighters with an anti-tank gun are running by, they are running past the destroyed German tank "Tiger", they are examining the corpses of the Nazis lying nearby. Using the terrain and various kinds of cover, the fighters fire, knocking the enemy out of the city. A column of trucks with artillery pieces and artillery soldiers is moving along the road on the outskirts of Makeyevka. One of the trucks with a gun is driving along the city street. Tractors carrying 52-mm artillery pieces are moving through the streets. Soldiers sitting in the back of a tractor waving their hands to local residents. General view of Makeevka from the plane. Kind of burning houses in the city. Fighters on the streets of the city. Women lined up along the street greet the passing military units, some of the women are incapacitated and continue to walk along the street with the soldiers. Women present fighters with bouquets of greenery. A group of women stands by the road with buckets of water, passing by car and soldiers passing by drink water. A crowd of people at the railway tracks during the movement of the railway trainwith waxes. Residents of Makeyevka stand at the German self-propelled gun "Ferdinand", next to which lie the corpses of the crew. A resident of the city, Evdokia Dmitrievna Gosteva, stands at her house, which was burned by the Germans, from which only firebrands were left, talks about the atrocities of the Nazis. A resident of Makeevka, Vasily Dmitrievich Chikalov, weeps over the corpse of his 63-year-old wife, Stepanida Fedorovna, who was stabbed to death by one of the Germans with a bayonet. 77-year-old Khristina Mikhailovna Shepelina is crying over the body of her daughter, 45-year-old Maria Ivanovna Shepelina, who was killed by a Hitlerite soldier with a rifle butt blow to the head. Martyn Petrovich Alekseev's children, Raisa and Victor, stand by the pile of ruins of their house, where their father was burnt alive. General view of the corpses of members of the family of 50-year-old carpenter Pyotr Fedorovich Lyubin, brutally murdered by Nazi fanatics; among them are the bodies of the owner of the family, his 45-year-old wife Evdokia Illarionovna, 16-year-old daughter Klavdia, 7-year-old daughter Valentina, 14-year-old son Vasily, 5-year-old daughter Zinaida and 8-month-old son Viktor , as well as the bodies of the eldest 22-year-old daughter Alexandra and her 2-year-old child. View of the corpses, brutally slaughtered by the Nazis, members of the family of the worker Medynsky: his wife Olga and a 2-year-old child, whose body one of the women lays next to the murdered mother. A group of women are standing over the bodies, crying.
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the great patriotic war
, combat
, the atrocities of the fascists
, liberating cities
186,6 (общ. 314,6)
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D. Kaspiy, D. Sholomovich
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No Sound

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