Man on Earth

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A film about the problems of the Non-Black Earth Region in our country. Landscapes of the Non-Black Earth Zone of Russia. The collective farm "Put Lenin" in the Kotelnichesky district of the Kirov region; vast fields, the Yubileiny residential community; construction of a livestock complex, new residential buildings. Spring field work in the fields. Harvesting cereals, flax. Settlement of the collective farm House of Labor Veterans. Interview with Hero of Socialist Labor, chairman of the collective farm "Lenin's Way" AD Chervyakov, collective farm agronomist L. Shchepina, collective farm labor veterans. Admission to the collective farm of a demobilized soldier, a family who came from another area. Pupils of the collective farm school write an essay on the topic: "Me and my collective farm in 10 years." Smena state farm, Gdovsky district, Pskov region. Small-sized state farm fields, unfinished vegetable store, residential buildings. Interview with the director of the state farm G. E. Hanzinga (synchronously). A notable machine operator - a potato grower of a state farm, Hero of Socialist Labor I.S.Ugarkin works in the field, in a smithy, in an individual farm. I. S. Ugarkin with his family gathers mushrooms in the forest. I. S. Ugarkin's arrival at the collective farm "Lenin's Way", acquaintance with the farm's economy, conversations with A. D. Chervyakov.
V. Konovalov
Film ID
, nature
, school education
, collective farms
, relaxation
, livestock
, plant growing
, social security
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V. Konovalov, V. Makarov, V. Izvekov, A. Minaev
Other Creators
There is no data
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