Marine Hospitality

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The advertising film tells about the sea passenger liner "Ivan Franko". The film includes the following filming: Part 1: Seagulls over the sea. Liner "Ivan Franko" in the water area of one of the Black Sea ports. The crew of the ship is preparing the ship to receive passengers: they wash the deck, install sun loungers. The stewardess enters one of the cabins, removes it, puts flowers in a vase. Waitresses set, set tables in the dining room. Passengers boarding the ship: an orchestra is playing, the captain greets the first passenger, who is presented with a gift - a cake, passengers go up the ladder, go to their cabins; stewardess Katya shows the passengers the cabin, gives an interview in which she talks about her work (sinhr.). A passenger liner is sailing into the sea. General view of the radio room on the ship. Passengers negotiate by radio communication, receive translations at the post office, send letters, visit the ship's library, shop in the store, exercise at the gym, swim in the pool, sunbathe on the deck, play chess, table tennis. Carrying out an evening for passengers on the ship: girls in folk costumes bring in samovars, pour tea. Passengers in a restaurant, in a bar, drinking wine, cocktails, dancing; the bartender gives interviews (sinhr.). View of one of the Black Sea cities, which the ship calls during a cruise. The Ivan Franko passenger liner is at the pier; the ship's chef takes food in the parking lot. gives interviews (sinhr.) Part 2: General view of the ship's kitchen; chefs preparing various dishes; baking bread. Passengers enter the dining room, sit down at tables, waitresses serve food. One of the passengers, who has a birthday, is presented with a birthday cake. Passengers are resting on the seashore during anchorage; among vacationers - the waitress Zhanna, who gives interviews (sinhr.). Speech at one of the evenings of a dance group that performs Russian folk dance (sinhr.). Cooking cakes and cold snacks in the ship's kitchen. Passengers at the snack table: taking pictures of beautiful dishes, putting snacks on plates. Celebration of "Neptune" on the ship. Passengers give interviews (sinhr.), Talk about their good rest. Passengers do their hair at the barber shop on the ship. The liner returns to the home port. Passengers say goodbye to the crew members, go ashore.
V. Semenov
Film ID
everyday life
, sea transport
, public catering
, physical culture and recreational work
, postal communication
, radio communication
, artistic activities
, national holidays
, libraries
, cities
, consumer services
Number of Parts
V. Motychenkov
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Has Sound

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