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The film is in Polish. Part I. Poland. Solemn meeting dedicated to the memory of Yu. Yu. Markhlevsky. Bust of Yu. Yu. Markhlevsky. Photos, documents, letters, manuscripts, books illustrating the life and work of Markhlevsky. Views of the city of Wloclawsk, the Vistula river. House where Y. Markhlevsky lived. Landscapes of the surroundings. Warsaw Prison. Prison cell. Fragments of feature films dedicated to the 1905 revolution. Fragments of the film "Battleship Potemkin". Footage from the chronicles of the First World War: artillery guns are firing, the wounded are unloaded from the hospital train. Part II. Fragments of feature films about the First World War and the Civil War. Photos and documents dedicated to the revolutionary activities of Markhlevsky. Footage of the film "October". Chronicle footage: 1917, Petrograd, demonstrations, removal of the sign "Suppliers of the court of His Imperial Majesty." Chronicle footage of the First World War: the movement of armored cars, tanks. Footage of the Civil War: the Red Army unit enters the city. Germany. Berlin city. 1925 year. The funeral of Yu. Yu. Markhlevsky. V. Pik is speaking. Poland. 1950 year. Rural and industrial landscapes (filmed from the train). Warsaw city. Farewell ceremony with the ashes of Yu. Yu. Markhlevsky. Funeral meeting. Funeral procession at the cemetery. Burial of ashes. Rolled steel at a metallurgical plant. Production processes at a weaving factory. Central School of the Polish Socialist Workers' Party (PZPR) named after Markhlewski. Listeners in the classroom. May Day demonstration.
L. Persky
Film ID
world war i
, civil war
, metallurgy
, funeral
, textile industry
, state holidays
, revolutionary movement in russia
, places of freedom
, socialist parties
Number of Parts
W. Forbert
Other Creators
L. Nekrasova
Release Date
Has Sound

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