Marshal GK Zhukovs Visit to India and Burma

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Delhi city. Meeting of the Minister of Defense of the USSR GK Zhukov at the airport; among the members of the delegation - the Minister of Culture of the USSR Nikolai Aleksandrovich Mikhailov. G.K. Zhukov's visits to the Minister of Defense of India K.N.Katju, President of the Republic R. Prasad, Prime Minister of India J. Nehru. Military parade dedicated to the Day of the Proclamation of the Republic. Military equipment passes; demonstration of representatives of various nationalities of India. There is G.K. Zhukov, leaders of the Republic of India. Parade and sports performances of cadet corps cadets. Dehra-Dun city. GK Zhukov is present at the ceremonial parade of the Military College cadets. GK Zhukov's visit to the 58th Gurk training center, where recruits are trained for military service. Saharanpur city. Equestrian training school. GK Zhukov is watching the vaulting. The city of Pune. Military Engineering College. GK Zhukov inspects workshops, training rooms, observes the training crossing of landing groups, vehicles and guns across the river. GK Zhukov and his entourage at the National Defense Academy (near the city of Pune); students of the Academy are engaged in topography, drill, gymnastics, horse riding. Bombay city. Parade of officers and sailors of the Naval barracks in honor of the arrival of G.K. Zhukov. Inspection by GK Zhukov naval docks. Bangalore city. Inspection of the flower show. Cochin city. Visiting an aviation station, a naval base. GK Zhukov examines a warship. Wellington city. GK Zhukov talks with officers of the Military Staff College. City of Madras. Inspection by GK Zhukov of the carriage building plant. Visakhapatnam city. GK Zhukov in the design bureau of shipyards gets acquainted with the drawings of merchant ships, talks with engineers and designers, inspects the shipyards. Kolkata city. GK Zhukov and his entourage at the Hindustan Motors automobile plant. The city of Agra. GK Zhukov at the airfield of the parachute training center; watching the jumps of the parachute landing. Inspection of the Tajmahal tomb (near the town of Agra). Return of GK Zhukov to Delhi, a reception at the Hyderabad Palace. Stay of G.K. Zhukov in Burma. Reception by Prime Minister of the Union of Burma U Ba Swe, President of Burma Ba U. Visit to Rangoon University; Officer School, College of Engineering and Hospital in Mandalay; inspection of the Shwe-Dagon pagoda (Rangoon). Return of G.K. Zhukov to Delhi, visit of J. Nehru. Seeing GK Zhukov home at the airport in Delhi; meeting at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow after returning from a trip.
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secondary vocational education
, higher education
, health care
, state holidays
, political connections
, shipbuilding industry
, armed forces
, air transport
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D. Rymarev, Akkuratov
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