Mass Grave Funeral of Major General Gubarevich

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Rostov-on-Don, February 23, 1943. General view of the city and the square of Rostov-on-Don with the monument demolished by the Nazis [S. Kirov]. The funeral procession moves through the streets of the city, through the square to the burial place. Ahead of the moving truck are soldiers with wreaths. The coffin with the body of I.I. Gubarevich on a gun carriage, which is being carried along the street by a truck. Workers of the Krasny Aksai plant stand at a mass grave with the plant's flag; there are a large number of schoolchildren among the townspeople present. The bodies, wrapped in white cloth, lie in the grave. The men begin to bury the grave. A procession of military men of the 34th Rifle Division with wreaths on their way to the burial place of Major General Iosif Ivanovich Gubarevich. The military carry the coffin with the body of II Gubarevich. One of the military is holding a memorial plaque with the inscription "GUARD GENERAL-MAYOR GUBAREVICH IOSIF IVANOVICH 1896-1943 DIED IN BATTLES DURING THE LIBERATION OF ROSTOV N / DON". Panorama of the inhabitants of the city with wreaths and the military. One of the commanders speaks from the back of a truck at a memorial meeting. Fireworks from rifles after the burial of I.I.Gubarevich.
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the great patriotic war
, cities
84,2 (общ. 278,6)
B. Cher, B. Shchadronov
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