Masters of Dagestan Art in Moscow

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A film about the decade of literature and art of Dagestan in Moscow. Moscow city. Great Hall of the Conservatory. The symphony orchestra performs (synchronously) works by M. Kazhlaev "Dagestan". The author is conducting. The piano duet of Magomedova and Rodionova is performing the work of GA Hasanov (synchronously). Sings R. Hajiyeva (synchronously). Performance by the State Song and Dance Ensemble of Dagestan. The ensemble performs (synchronously) "Avar Dance". The Lezginka ensemble performs the Lezginka dance, the Avar dance dedicated to the tightrope walkers of the Tsovkra village, the Embroiderer dance. The final concert of the decade. The choir and the orchestra are performing a song about V. I. Lenin (synchronously). Members of the government in the box, applauding. Among them: A. I. Mikoyan, E. A. Furtseva, M. A. Suslov, K. E. Voroshilov, N. M. Shvernik, A. N. Kosygin. Fragments of the performances of Laksky, Lezgin, Avar, Kumyk, Russian drama theaters (synchronously). Plays "In the native village", "Sulak the witness", "Hearts of friends", "Goryanka" (R. Gamzatova), "Under the tree" (G. Rustamova). The roles are performed by artists: Ibragimova, Ibragimov, Atagishieva, Kazimagomedova. The audience is applauding in the theater. R. Gamzatov welcomes the actors. Posters about the performances of theaters, ensembles, a book exhibition on the streets of Moscow. Landscapes of Dagestan. The mountains. Waterfall. Mountain river. Shepherds with flocks of sheep. Life of the inhabitants of the mountain village. Performance by a tightrope walker from the village of Tsovkra.
ABOUT. Подгорецкая
Film ID
, theatre
, landscapes
, fiction
, national sports
, music
Number of Parts
Yu. Монгловский, А. Crab
Other Creators
Poems by Rasul Gamzatov
Release Date
Has Sound

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