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1 part. Prizes won by masters of sports at international competitions. Women's and men's gymnastics teams participating in the Games of the XV Olympiad in 1952 (Helsinki); among them - Olympic champions in artistic gymnastics Viktor Chukarin and Maria Gorokhovskaya Champions of the XV Olympiad in artistic gymnastics in the team championship perform exercises performed by them during the Olympics: Viktor Chukarin performs an exercise on a horse, Dmitry Leonkin performs floor exercises, N. Bocharova performs exercises on uneven bars, E. Korolkov performs exercises on a "horse", Gran Shahinyan and Vladimir Belyakov perform paired exercises on a "horse". Part 2. Victor Chukarin performs exercises on the uneven bars. Nina Bocharova performs exercises on a balance beam. Multiple champion of the USSR Galina Urbanovich performs exercises on the rings. Gran Shahinyan performs exercises on the rings. Galina Shamray performs floor exercises. Master of Sports Valentin Muratov performs exercises on the bar. Athletes, athletes perform vaults. Part 3. Gymnasts perform group floor exercises with hoops. Olympic track and field champions Nina Romashkova and Galina Zybina at a training session in Ashgabat. G. Zybina pushes the core. N. Romashkova throws a disc. Part 4. Training of young figure skaters from the figure skating school at the Moscow Young Pioneers stadium. Olya Nikolaeva (6 years old), Tanya Likhareva (12 years old) in training. Tanya Likhareva performing at the All-Union figure skating competitions. Ice dance masters, figure skaters Antonina Nekrasova and Alexander Yakovleva, are preparing a new number. Alpine skier, multiple champion of the USSR E. Sidorova - the only winner of an Olympic medal in the entire history of Soviet alpine skiing, USSR champion in slalom and downhill skiing A. Filatov in training. Skaters on the ice track of the Medeo high-mountain skating rink; Yury Sergeev, world champion in speed skating at a distance of 500 meters. Part 5. Boris Shilkov, multiple champion of the USSR in speed skating, and Oleg Goncharenko, world champion in classic speed skating, on the ice track of the Medeo high-mountain skating rink. Medalist of the USSR and world speed skating championships Sofya Kondakova, Rimma Zhukova, Khalida Shchegoreeva at a distance. Note: The stereoscopic version of the film was digitally reconstructed from the original color Agfacolor by N. Mayorov and V. Kotovsky.
V. Gonchukov
Film ID
, kazakhstan
, finland
, turkmenistan
Number of Parts
D. Surensky
Other Creators
Script plan V. Gonchukov, V. Skripitsyn, text by A. Filimonov, composer M. Meerovich, sound engineer V. Khlobynin, text read by S. Bogomolov
Release Date
Has Sound

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