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Afghanistan. 1987. Landscapes of settlements, mountains, rivers, roads (filmed from a helicopter and from the movement of a car). Ruins of an ancient fortress. Mosque. Monuments to the fallen Soviet soldiers along the road. Joint Soviet-Afghan automobile association ATP-2. The movement of the helicopter, tanks, trucks. Poppy fields. Posts of Soviet and Afghan troops. Verification of documents, inspection of cars. Exercises in one of the units of the Afghan army with the participation of a Soviet military instructor. Army priest - Moulavi Mustaera preaches a sermon to the soldiers. Soldiers at prayer. Military parade of Afghan troops. Present attending the Minister of Nationalities and Tribes Affairs of Afghanistan S. Laek. A rally in the town of Pakhta, dedicated to the withdrawal of a contingent of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Soviet military equipment moves along the Kabul-Salang-Hairaton highway. The city of Kabul. Mosques. Minarets. Pilgrims and beggars in the square, at the sacred source, at the mosque. Namaz. Interrogation of mujahideen in Puli-Charkhi prison. Cemetery. Cinema. Children in the playground. Indira Gandhi Hospital. Printing house of the newspaper "Anis". Minister S. Laek, general secretary of the PDPA Central Committee Nadzhiy at work. B. Karmal speaks at a meeting of the Revolutionary Council.
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military communications
, economic communications
, medical services for the population
, public leisure facilities
, printing
, islam
, landscapes
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
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V. Volkov, K. Durnov
Other Creators
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