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1956: stay in Prague of artists of the Moscow Art Academic Theater, among them: V. L. Ershov, A. P. Zueva, B. N. Livanov, M. M. Yanshin, V. K. Troshin, A. N Mushrooms. 1957: a visit to the Olshansky cemetery in Prague by a delegation of old Bolsheviks: a member of the delegation P. I. Chernousov lays flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers who died in the battles for the liberation of Prague. City of Prague, 1961: composer D. Kabalevsky with the orchestra on stage after the performance of his Pathetique Symphony. 1961: stay in Prague of the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yu. A. Gagarin; reception at A. Novotny's; in the Old Town Hall; speech at the rally. 1962: meeting of the Hero of Socialist Labor N.G. Zaglada with the peasants of the Czechoslovak agricultural cooperative Kacice. 1964: Soviet pilot ML Popovich at an aircraft plant in Vodokhody (near Prague) talks with workers, designers who created the L-29 jet aircraft, on which she set a world record. 1965: opening in the Central Lenin Museum in Moscow of the Czechoslovak exhibition "Lenin and the Czechoslovak Labor Movement"; present: editor of the newspaper "Rude Pravo" Shvestka, Minister of Culture of the USSR E. A. Furtseva, P. N. Demichev, P. N. Pospelov, the old Bolshevik S. G. Uralov and others.
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economic communications
, scientific connections
, the second world war
, cultural connections
, collective farms
, aviation industry
, printing
, music
Number of Parts
A. Sologubov, I. Grachev
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No Sound

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