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Boxes 1-3. Moscow city. 1975 year. I. Glazunov at home with his wife (artist N. Vinogradova) and children. The interior of the apartment of I.S.Glazunov. Glazunov's workshop. Glazunov paints a portrait of his son Vanya, works on the painting "Invasion and the XX century", selects paintings for an exhibition with N. Vinogradova. I. Glazunov paints from nature the Novodevichy Convent. I. Glazunov walks in a birch grove in the suburbs, paints a portrait of his wife - N. Vinogradova in the autumn forest. I. Glazunov with his wife and son on the territory of the Trinity-Sergeeva Lavra; Glazunov teaches his son to paint from life. Landscapes of the autumn forest. Box 4. City of Leningrad. Winter 1975-1976. Types and landscapes of the city. I. Glazunov walks around the city, writes sketches, enters the building of the Academy of Arts. Box 5. City of Moscow. 1975-1976 years. Exhibitions of works by I. Glazunov in one of the houses of culture and in the Kremlin. Glazunov talks with visitors, gives autographs. Box 6. Finland. City of Helsinki. 1975-1976 years. City views. Opening of the exhibition I. Glazunov. Reception at the Soviet embassy. Present: U. Kekkonen, I. Glazunov, N. Vinogradova. I. Glazunov on the train. Landscapes along the train. Box 7. Novgorod region. Summer 1975-1976. Greblo village. I. Glazunov meets with M. Skorodumova, who raised the artist during the war years, with the inhabitants of the village, childhood friends; writes an etude. Landscapes. Boxes 8 - 13. Paintings by I. Glazunov on historical themes, albums of reproductions, books illustrated by I. Glazunov, individual illustrations. Boxes 14 a, b. Photos from I. Glazunov's archive for different years. Box 14 b. I. Glazunov with President of Chile S. Allende. Box 15. Finland. 1975-1976 years. Suburb of Helsinki. I. Glazunov paints a portrait of U. Kekkonen in the studio. Box 16.1884 Opening of the exhibition of I. Glazunov in Yaroslavl. I. Glazunov with students in his workshop in Novgorod. Opening of Glazunov's exhibition "The Nicaraguan Diary". Present: member of the Government of Nicaragua, S. Mikhalkov, I. Kobzon. I. Glazunov on the Kulikovo field draws from nature and the banks of the Nipryadva river (Tula region). Temple-monument of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Box 17. City of Moscow. 1984-1985. Big theater. Installation of scenery for the opera "The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh". Premiere of the play. Present: I. Glazunov, N. Vinogradova-Benois, R. Tikhomirov, E. Svetlanov. Sketches of costumes by N. Vinogradova-Benois. Rewarding I. Glazunov with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Among those present - the composer G. V. Sviridov. Box 18. Interview of the writer V. Zakharchenko about the work of I. Glazunov (synchronously).
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, cultural connections
, railway transport
, painting
, a family
, home life
, art
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A. Kolobrodov, S. Kiselev, V. Mikosha, Yu. Serov, P. Rusanov
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