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1 hour - Bolshoi Theater building. Theater workers lay flowers at the memorial plaque of V. I. Lenin, at the monument to P. I. Tchaikovsky. Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR V. Popov speaks and presents the banner to the theater staff (neg. 192, 6; pos. 185, 2). 2 hours - V. V. Grishin, G. A. Ivanov, I. K. Arkhipova, G. S. Ulanova and others speak at the ceremonial meeting. Deputy Chairmen of the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces A. P. Vader and M. A. Yasnov presenting government awards to theater workers. Among those present - T.A. Milashkina, E.E. Nesterenko, G.V. Oleinichenko, E.V. Obraztsova, A.P. Ognivtsev. (327). 3 hours - The Bolshoi Theater team is congratulated by representatives of public organizations, incl. actress I.P. Miroshnichenko, N.V. Mordyukova, R.D. Nifontov (neg. 293, 2; pos. 287, 6). 4 hours - Composer AP Petrov, GS Ulanova perform on the stage of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater. Members of the Bolshoi delegation laying flowers at the Piskarevskoye cemetery. Artist A.P. Ognivtsev reads notes carved on the gravestone of the composer M.P. Mussorgsky. Singer E.V. Obraztsov on the platform of the station (neg. 314, pos. 301, 7). 5 hours - E. S. Maksimova and V. V. Vasiliev on the embankments of Nice and the Seine. Conversation with the Ambassador of the USSR in France S. V. Chervonenko. 6 hours - A.M. Messer leads a ballet class. Ulanova works with Maximova and Vasiliev (neg. 253, pos. 243). 7-8h - In the dressing room, Bolshoi artists are getting ready to go on stage, incl. B.M. Morozov, L.A. Nikitina, G.V. Oleinichenko. S. Ya. Lemeshev at home listening to the recordings (neg. 321, 9; pos. 310, 9). 9 hours - Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR V. F. Kukharsky opens an exhibition of theater artists for the 200th anniversary of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater; artist D.A. Nalbandyan. Exhibits of the Bolshoi Theater Museum (neg. 324, 4; pos. 331, 8). 10 hours - The masters of the wardrobe and model workshops are working. Director of the Moscow Choreographic School S. N. Golovkina and others take entrance examinations (neg. 3-4, pos. 293, 2). 11 hours - G. S. Ulanova and N. N. Zolotarev give interviews for the film (150, 4). 12 hours - V.I. Piavko gives an interview (60). 13 hours - A. P. Ognivtsev, V. I. Piavko and I. K. Arkhipova perform parts from the opera "Khovanshchina". (111, 6) 2 pm - A. Maslennikov, A. Ognivtsev perform parts from the opera Boris Godunov. (142, 7) 15 hours - A. P. Ognivtsev and G. S. Koroleva perform parts from the opera B. Godunov. (161, 1) 16 hours - A. P. Ognivtsev, G. A. Kalinina and Yu. A. Mazurok perform parts from the opera "Eugene Onegin". (140, 4) 5 pm - B. E. Khaikin conducts the overture to the opera The Queen of Spades. V. A. Valaims, V. I. Piavko, Yu. A. Mazurok and N. A. Lebedeva perform parts from the opera The Queen of Spades. (276, 8) 6 pm - The same as at 5 pm Lebedeva, Piavko, Valaitis, Mazurok respond to applause. (150). 19 hours - Yu. A. Mazurok, A. P. Ognivtsev, V. A. Atlantov perform parts from the opera Sadko (168, 6). 20 hours - V. N. Levko and B. A. Rudenko sing arias from the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila". (237, 2). 21 hours - L. I. Semenyaka and A. B. Godunov perform parts of the ballet "Swan Lake". (151, 8). 22 hours - Maksimova and Vasiliev perform parts from the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" and "Le Corsaire". (160, 3). 23 hours - Maksimova and Vasiliev perform parts from the ballet "The Nutcracker". (171). 24 hours - M. V. Kondratyeva and M. R. E. Liepa perform parts from the ballet "Giselle". Maksimova and Vasiliev dance in the wilis scene. (191, 5). 25 hours - N. V. Pavlova and V. M. Gordeev dance adagio and variation from the ballet "The Nutcracker" (71, 9). 26 hours - L. I. Semenyaka, A. B. Godunov, N. V. Fillipova, V. L. Pikanov, Yu. M. Medvedev, A. N. Kholfin, R.S. Struchkova and L. D. Trembovelskaya take part in scenes from the ballet "Don Quixote" (277, 2-neg., 248, 4-pos.). 27 hours - L. D. Trembovelskaya performs a dance from the opera "Carmen", M. M. Plisetskaya and A. B. Godunov dance a scene from the "Carmen Suite". (166, 8). 28 hours - M. M. Plisetskaya, A. B. Godunov and V. P. Tikhonov take part in the horse racing scene from the ballet "Anna Karenina" (126).
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