Materials on the Film Cinema and Time 7th Moscow International Film Festival

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1h 1syuzh. - On the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the creators of the film "Salute, Maria": director I. Kheifits and cameraman G. Maradzhyan, they are presented with flowers. Press conference of the film crew at the Rossiya Hotel. Kheifits speaking. 2syuzh. - Press conference of the group of the film "White Bird with a Black Mark". 3syuzh. - On the stage of the CDS, the film crew of the film "Liberation" is presented; among them - director Yu.N. Ozerov (neg. 147; pos. 140). 2h 1syuzh. - Press conference of the film crew of the Japanese film "Live Today - Die Tomorrow" at the Rossiya Hotel. Participating K. Shindo, N. Otova and others. 2syuzh. - Press conference of the film crew of the Japanese film "Under the sound of tram wheels". A. Kurasawa is speaking. 3syuzh. - Meeting director S. Kramer with figures of Soviet cinema (L. Kulidzhanov, S. Gerasimov, etc.) in Kulidzhanov's office. 4syuzh. - Press conference of the American film delegation. P. Bartlett is speaking. Representation of the US delegation on the stage of the CDS and others (neg. 313, pos. 290). 3h - Presentation of the film crew of the film "Goya" from the GDR. Representation of the delegation of Poland, Hungary, Cuba, Mongolia on the stage of the KDS. Their press conferences. Speech by A. Vaida. (neg. 227, 6; pos. 214). 4h -Creative discussion of the festival participants in the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR. A. Karaganov, L. Bellag, K. Sindo and others are speaking. A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and M. Shell are speaking (neg. 243, pos. 228, 8). 5h -Participants and guests of the festival: S. Polak, B. Tyshkevich and others inspect the territory of the Kremlin, the Lenin Museum in Gorki, the workshop of the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory, a tea packing factory, the Mosfilm film studio: in the garden there are actors O. Vidov, L. Savelyeva and others treat guests to tea (neg.
There is no data
Film ID
, architecture
, museums
, international cultural ties
, cities
1525, 8
Number of Parts
A. Zenyakin, V. Izvekov, V. Baikov, G. Epifanov, V. Citron
Other Creators
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No Sound

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