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Moscow city. February 16-17, 1983. IX Congress of the Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Fleet (DOSAAF) in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Among the delegates to the Congress: V.M.Mishin, S.G. Gorshkov, G.T.Beregovoy, A.I. Pokryshkin, I.E. Sereda, Yu.V. Kuznetsov, I. Zhukov, V. Shcherbakov, N. Akramov, A. Novak and others. Speakers: G. M. Egorov, S. E. Savitskaya. December 14, 1983 Meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense with DOSAAF veterans in the Central House of the Soviet Army. Speakers: G. M. Egorov, A. S. Zheltov, D. F. Ustinov. Present: A. P. Beloborodov, P. I. Batov, D. D. Lelyushenko, A. F. Fedorov, A. I. Pokryshkin, I. N. Kozhedub, M. V. Kantaria, V. V. Karpov, S. I. Rostotsky and others. Opening of the month of mass defense work of the USSR in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. Speakers: Yu. V. Kuznetsov, SE Savitskaya. Moldova. Chisinau city. Member of the Great Patriotic War, former pilot, writer, DOSAAF instructor I. Ye. Sereda in his office, with his family, at a meeting of the DOSAAF committee. Yu. V. Kuznetsov, teacher of the Military Airborne School in Tula, with cadets in theoretical and practical classes. Skydiving.
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armed forces
, voluntary societies
, education
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L. Goncharov, V. Kiselev, A. Rusanov, A. Kochetkov
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