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1-2h - City of Dubna: streets, hotel. D.I.Blozkhintsev, N.N.Bogolyubov, A.A.Logunov, N.V. Khsu and others pass along the alley (1 hour neg. 314, pos. 284; 2 hours neg. 200, pos. 174) ... 3h - Separate complexes of laboratories in Dubna (theoretical physics, nuclear physics). Professor A. Hrynkevich with his students enters the laboratory. VP Sarantsev rides a bicycle (neg. 335; pos. 298, 5). 4h - N. N. Bogolyubov for a walk, at a construction site. A. A. Logunov on a walk, with N. N. Bogolyubov and others (neg. 228, pos. 214). 5h - N. N. Bogolyubov: talking in his office with Yu. A. Shcherbakov, Karpovsky, Mikhul, Sodnom; talks in the hall with a group of scientists; together with prof. Markov conducts a seminar in the Large Auditorium of the Institute. (neg. 270, pos. 210). 6h - VP Sarantsev and his colleagues are conducting an experiment on a collective ion accelerator. Details of the prototype of an ultrahigh-energy electron-proton accelerator. Instrument readings. (neg. 325, pos. 278, 5) 7h. 1syuzh. - VP Sarantsev conducts a seminar on the joint acceleration of light and heavy particles. 2syuzh. - Session of the Scientific Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. MG Meshcheryakov speaks (neg. 254, pos. 229). 8-10h - 1971 International Conference on Heavy Ion Physics. The speakers are G.N. Flerov, A.M. Baldin and others (8h. Neg. 340, pos. 327; 9h. Neg. 285, pos. 280). 11-12h - Physicists from different countries participate in the discussion. DI Blokhintsev and others at a theoretical seminar in the "tea room" of the institute (neg. 329, pos. 317; 12 hours. Neg. 267, pos. 257). 13h - Installation of a neutron accelerator in the laboratory of nuclear problems. GN Flerov in the laboratory of nuclear reactions demonstrates to scientists a cyclic accelerator of heavy ions (U-300) (neg. 231, pos. 209). 14h - Employees of the LHE (laboratory of high energies) inspect the switching system of the accelerator, work inside the ring chamber of the synchrophasotron (neg. 204, pos. 185). 15h 1syuzh. - A group of scientists at the Negonov installation. Refrigeration unit details. 2syuzh. - Scientists of the laboratory of neutron physics at the IBR-2 model, a third-generation pulsed reactor. Construction of IBR-2: laying concrete at the construction site (neg. 201, pos. 179). 16h -The Volkov group works with a heavy ion accelerator; Shcherbakov's group works with a spectrometer, with a high-pressure streamer-helium chamber. Yu. A. Shcherbakov and Mikhul among the Romanian student trainees in Dubna. G. Sidenius (Denmark) gets acquainted with the work of a new type of ion source and others (neg. 215, pos. 180). 17h 1syuzh. - Spark chamber system. 2syuzh. - Scientists are working with a spiral accelerator. R. Poza, S. Ya. Nikitin et al. Are conducting an experiment on the synthesis of new elements, details of a cryogenic installation (neg. 303, pos. 255). 18h 1syuzh. - Employees of the laboratories of neutron physics at the linear electron accelerator. 2syuzh. - I. Zvara and others at the instruments. 3syuzh. - A group of scientists from the laboratory of nuclear spectroscopy is conducting an experiment (neg. 304, pos. 277). 19h - Complex of mathematical support "Dubna". BESM-6. Scientists install liquid hydrogen and spark chambers (neg. 247, pos. 277). 20h - Experimental workshops in Dubna. Opening of the swimming pool "Archimedes". (neg. 291, pos. 257). 21h - Serpukhov synchrophasotron, installation of a liquid hydrogen chamber for Serpukhov. Physicists are conducting an experiment with a spectroscope (neg. 147, pos. 130). 22h - G. Nazhdakov gives interviews (178).
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, physics
, international scientific relations
, research institutions
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V. Kiselev
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