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Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (Moscow Region). Synchrocyclotron, streamer chamber, hall with manipulators in the Department of Nuclear Spectroscopy and Radiochemistry of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Institute. Employees of the department are conducting an experiment. Head of department K. Gromov talks with scientists J. Zhelev (Bulgaria) and M. Figner (Czechoslovakia). High Energy Laboratory. Hall with propane, liquid hydrogen chambers. Scientific groups of R. Lebedev, A. Lyubimov, V. Sviridov carry out experimental work. The head of the cryogenic department, Professor A. Zel'dovich, is observing the course of the experiment. Department of Gas Chemistry of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. The scientific group of I. Zvara (Czechoslovakia) is studying the properties of the 104th element discovered by her in D. Mendeleev's table. Director of the laboratory, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences GN Flerov in his office with members of the group I. Zvara discussing the results of the research. Nobel Prize laureate, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Director of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics IM Frank receives a group of Vietnamese physicists in his office, introduces them to the model of a pulsed reactor. Measuring, computing center of the laboratory. Mathematicians work on calculating machines. Meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute; speakers: Academician B. Pontecorvo, IM Frank and others; among those present the director of the Institute, Professor D. Blokhintsev. D. Blokhintsev and physicist Yu. Smorodinsky are discussing a theoretical problem at the blackboard.
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, science
, physics
, scientific connections
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E. Lozovsky
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