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The creators of the documentary film "Grenada, Grenada, Grenada is mine..." Film director RL Carmen and writer KM Simonov talk with participants in the Spanish events, with volunteers who fought in Spain in 1936-1938. Interviews (synchronously) are given by: Chief Marshal of Artillery N.N. Voronov, former commanders of aviation squadrons of the Republican Army of Spain B. Smirnov and G.N. Zakharov, Admiral Mezentsev, Admiral N.G. Kuznetsov, former fighter pilot M.N. Yakushin, Colonel General M.S.Shumilov, General of the Army, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union P.I.Batov, Austrian volunteer P. Croese, People's Hero of Spain E. Lister, Soviet diplomat I.M. Maisky, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General A. I. Rodimtsev, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, German communist L. Rennes, former tankmen of the International Brigade A. A. Vetrov and S. Ya. Laputin. Pablo Neruda reads his new poem at the Central House of Writers. The first congress of Spanish communists living in the Soviet Union, held in Moscow on March 3, 1966; D. Ibarruri is speaking. Presentation of orders and medals of the Soviet Union to a group of Spaniards, among those awarded D. Ibarruri and Luis Balaguer. Meetings of participants in Spanish events in the Leningrad and Moscow Houses of Friendship, presentation of commemorative medals. D. Ibarruri's trip to Volgograd, laying flowers at the mass grave in which her son is buried, meeting with the artist E. V. Vuchetich. Photographs of Soviet volunteers who fought in Spain. The participants in the Spanish events were filmed on the streets of Moscow. RL Carmen's meeting in Berlin (East Germany) with E. Busch and L. Renn. E. Bush reads his anti-fascist poems, sings a song about Spain in the 1930s.
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