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Cinematographic materials based on a documentary film dedicated to the All-Union Voluntary Historical and Educational Society "Memorial". Moscow city. November 1988. Interview of the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Ogonyok" V. Korotich (synchronously) (box 1). Meeting of the "Memorial" society in the House of Cinema. Speakers: S. Smirnov, A. Rybakov, A. Sakharov (synchronously). Among those present: B. Okudzhava, T. Salakhov, B. Zhutovsky and others (box 2). Participants of the Week of Conscience and visitors to the exhibition of projects of a monument to victims of repression in the halls of the Palace of Culture of the MELZ production association. Memorial Wall - an exposition of photographs and documents of victims of Stalinist repressions (boxes 3, 5). Founding conference of the Memorial Society at the House of Culture of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Speakers: G. Baklanov, Dobroshtan, Dremin and others (box 4). Exhibition "In memory of the victims of Stalinism" in the House of Cinema (box 6). The graves of A. Peresvet and R. Oslyabi in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin of the Simonov Monastery. Restoration of the church (cor. 7). Moscow. January 1989. The necropolis of the Kalitnikovsky cemetery. Memorial service in the Church of All Who Sorrow and at the site of mass graves of victims of repression (cor. 8). Interview with a member of the society "Memorial" D. Yurasov (synchronously). (cor. 9).
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, funeral
, architecture
, crimes
, club type institutions
, christianity
, social and political organizations and parties
, sculpture
, offenses
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I. Filatov
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