Materials on the Film Lenins Case Lives and Wins 100th Anniversary of the Birth of V I Lenin

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Joint ceremonial meeting of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin in the Kremlin. 1h - The members of the presidium take their places; among those present - A.I. Mikoyan, M.D. Millionschikov (neg. 214; pos. 186). 2h - Speakers N. V. Podgorny, A. N. Kosygin. Leonid Brezhnev makes a report (neg. 199, 3; pos. 123). 3-6h The participants of the meeting are speaking: foreign state and party leaders; J. Kadar, Le Duan and others (neg. 207; 208; 152; 266; pos. 177; 188; 134; 243). 7h - The participants of the meeting are greeted by the pioneers: the performance of the buglers, the presentation of flowers to the members of the presidium; delegation of the Armed Forces of the USSR. (neg. 186, 4; pos. 161, 8). 8h - The participants in the meeting sing "Internationale" (neg. 186, 4; pos. 158, 2). 9-10 am - Kremlin, meeting hall during the meeting. Listeners in the hall, including the USSR cosmonauts V.F.Bykovsky, A.A.Leonov, writer S.V. Mikhalkov, academician A.N. Nesmeyanov and others (neg. 256, 8; 226, 8; pos. 236, 9, 188, 6). 11h - Solemn demonstration of youth on Red Square; pioneer squads, participants of the games "Zarnitsa", admission to Komsomol members are passing through the square. The laying of wreaths at the Mausoleum by representatives of the Moscow public (neg. 187, 9; pos. 164, 7).
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Film ID
, pioneer organization
, state figures
, cities
, international state relations
1961, 2
Number of Parts
G. Zakharova, S. Kuzminsky, G. Monglovskaya, M. Oshurkov
Other Creators
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Release Date
No Sound

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