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Vietnam. Filming of President Ho Chi Minh. Soviet merchant ships in the Haiphong port. Industrial enterprises being built with the help of Soviet specialists. Classes with peasants to eradicate illiteracy. A river, a bridge across which the demarcation line between South and North Vietnam runs. Border guards of the DRV at the post. Destruction caused by French troops. Peasants in agricultural work. Hanoi city: streets, urban transport, pedestrians. A coal deposit in the Hungai region. The Vietnamese State Dance Ensemble is preparing to tour China and Korea. Bulgaria. Laying wreaths and flowers on the graves of the heroes who died for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Nazi invaders, in the village of Batak. Memorial monuments in the village of Perushtitsa. Members of the agricultural cooperative them. Enu Tosheva. Newsreel 1917-1944. Tsar Boris and Filon sign an agreement on the annexation of Bulgaria to Nazi Germany. Meeting of Tsar Boris with Hitler. Bulgarian partisans. Meeting of units of the Soviet Army in Sofia. Georgy Dimitrov at the Leipzig trial (1933), among the people and on the podium during a demonstration. China. Oil development, oil refinery, the first automobile plant in Beijing. Farmers of an agricultural cooperative harvesting rice. Shanghai Political School for Industrial Leaders. Children in kindergarten. Holiday House. Types of cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Andong. Great Wall of China (in the mountains). Plundered weapons seized from Kuomintang units. Albania. Landscapes; Albanian cities: Tirana, Durres, Kruja. Construction of a hydroelectric power station. Enver Hoxha. Oil fields. Textile plant in Tirana. The peasants are members of the agricultural cooperative in the village of Dropuly (in the south of Albania). Korea. Construction of industrial enterprises, residential buildings in Pyongyang, Hamhyn. Arrival in Pyongyang for a visit by the President of the DRV Ho Chi Minh. Departure from Pyongyang of the Soviet parliamentary delegation headed by MP Tarasov. The leaders of the government and the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Il Sung, Kim Du Bon, Park Den Ai and others at the May Day demonstration. THE USSR. Construction of the Irkutsk, Bratsk hydroelectric power station. City of Ivanovo; textile factory them. F.E.Dzerzhinsky; local history museum. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Moscow Region. The grave of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain Ibarruri Ruben Rouge in Stalingrad. Metallurgical plant in Temirtau, which used the invention of the Czechoslovakian steel rolling master B. Sladek. Moscow city. Meeting of Italian partisans in the Soviet Committee of War Veterans with a former partisan of the Italian detachment A. Chervi A. Tarasov. A. Tarasov writes a letter to the former commander of the Italian partisan detachment Alcido Cervi. E. N. Shestakov, who has adoptive parents in Slovakia, works on the construction of the Gorky University. Slavka Nenova, a Bulgarian girl, a student of the Kuibyshev Medical Institute, with her adoptive parents, the Melnikovs. The city of Leningrad. Smolny building, cruiser Aurora; A. V. Belyshe - intermittent commissar of the cruiser; former assistant to the commander of the cruiser TI Lipatov. Czechoslovakia. B. Sladek is a worker at a railway plant in Kladno, whose invention is used in factories in Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and the German Democratic Republic. The new village of Zviretice, built on the shore of the lake, at the Slanska dam, replacing the old one, which was flooded during the construction of the dam City of Prague; park, embankment of the Vltava river; children's carousels, swimming pool; evening illuminated advertising. Vacationers at the resort of Mariansk Lazne. Newsreel. The strike of the Czech railroad workers in 1918. Julius Fucik among the Red Army soldiers in the USSR; with his wife Gusta Fuchikova. Romania. Installation of a nuclear reactor; construction of a chemical plant with the help of Soviet specialists. Newsreel. City streets destroyed during the Second World War; Soviet troops on the streets of the city; street fight. Commanders at the command post. Minefield clearance. Stay in Romania N. S. Khrushchev and N. A. Bulganin. P. Groza's speech in parliament. Division of the landlord's land. Italy. The family of the Italian peasant, the former commander of the Italian partisan detachment A. Cervi in his estate; read a letter received from A. Tarasov. GDR. State border with Germany, with Poland. The passage of border guards along the border. Industrial enterprises. O. Grotewohl's speech at a meeting of the People's Chamber. Landscapes; city of Weimar, Berlin. Newsreel. November Revolution of 1918 in Germany. Demonstration of red front-line soldiers in Berlin in 1927. Speech by K. Liebknecht at a rally in Berlin. Release of E. Thalmann from prison. Meeting of cadets of the officer school of the People's Army of the GDR with a veteran of the German workers' movement Otto Kühn. Mongolia. Celebrations in Ulan Bator on the occasion of the national holiday "Nadom"; there are leaders of the MPRP and the government of the MPR: J. Sambu, D. Damba and others. Oil rigs in the Gobi Desert. Ulan Bator city: Sukhe-Bator square, Sukhe-Bator and Choibalsan museum, Government House. Landscapes of Mongolia: mountain valleys, grazing flocks of sheep, horses, camels; decoration of the yurt. Equestrian competitions for children and adults. Poland, Warsaw. Construction of residential buildings. Officers of the Polish border troops stand on the banks of the river, on the border with the GDR. Great Britain, London. The spouses Harol and Sheila Steele, who announced their readiness to go to the atomic test zone, became voluntary victims of the experiment to show the world all the horror of atomic tests. Says public figure, peace activist Hewlett Johnson. France, Paris: Seine river embankment, Stalingrad square, Concorde square, Bastille square, Champs Elysees. Wall of Communards. The city of Beauvais. Meeting of the former members of the Resistance movement at the monument to the fallen members of the Resistance movement.
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the second world war
, holidays
, science
, scientific connections
, cultural connections
, international connections
, higher education
, preschool education
, borbazamir
, health care
, state structure
, nuclear physics
, national liberation struggle
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, territory
, utilities
, eastgermany
, border troops
, economic communications
, industry
, public organizations
, education
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O. Rezman, V. Mikosha, V. Vorontsov
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