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The city of Kerch. Environs of the Adzhimushkay quarries. Monument to the partisans of the Civil War. The well, poisoned by the Nazis during the defense of the Adzhimushkay quarries in 1941. A participant in the defense of the quarry talks with the director of the Central House of Fine Arts B. Rychkov. The village of Domashka in the Kuibyshev region. Monument to the commissar of the 219th Domashkinsky regiment of the 25th Chapaevsky division F.P. Antonov. Residents of the village who fought in the Chapaevsk division are sitting at the monument. The motor ship "Raketa" is sailing along the river. Interview I. Pospisil - a participant in the Civil War in the Urals (sinhr.). - a Czechoslovak communist. The outskirts of Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria. Participants of the 1918 uprising on the Bulgarian cruiser "Nadezhda" - S. Spasov and T. Georgiev are sitting in the park, playing a national board game. Participant of the uprising I. Totev with his family harvests grapes. Former member of the Revolutionary Military Council of the republic, delegation of the VIIIth Party Congress, SI Aralov, at home, shares his memories of VI Lenin (sinhr.). The wife of the Soviet military leader, participant in the Civil War I.E. Yakir - S. L. Yakir shares her memories (sinhr.). E. M. Chopp talks about the years of the Civil War, about his work with J. Gashek (sinhr.). Active participants in the October Revolution and the Civil War in the USSR A. Karotskai and L. Aladar share their memories (sinhr.).
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civil war
, october revolution
, rural settlements
, relaxation
, patriotic war
, international connections
, river transport
, everyday life
, subsidiary farm
, documentary film
, cities
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B. Citron
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