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Bulgaria. G. Sofia. International Congress of Writers from Europe, USA and Canada "Writers in the Struggle for Peace". Among those present: V. Ozerov, M. Tursunzade, E. Evtushenko, S. Mikhalkov, K. Simonov, Y. Verchenko, G. Vidal, J. Cheever, Buttia, Nok, A. Style, U. Saroyan, Ch. Snow , G. Kant, E. Bazin, G. Markov, I. Chaliapina, Mitchell, A. Voznesensky. Moscow. X International Film Festival. Hotel "Russia". Film festival participants talk in the hotel lobby. Among them: I. Miroshnichenko, K. Sindo, S. Bondarchuk, I. Skobtseva, Yu. Raizman, S. Gerasimov, L. Smirnova, A. Zenyakin, S. Toma, E. Kivi, S. Rostotsky, N. Menshikova, A. Batalov and others. Great Britain. G. London. Composer A. Bush in a country house, talking with his wife, reading a collection of poems by P. Neruda. France. G. Paris. Artist J. Effel at work, playing with a dog. Lithuania. The sculptor G. Jokubonis works in the workshop. Moscow. S. Gerasimov talks with students in the film studio. S. Obraztsov sits in an armchair in the lobby of the Central Puppet Theater. Moscow city. July-August 1977 S. Gerasimov, E. Evtushenko, K. Simonov, I.P. Miroshnichenko are being interviewed. Bulgaria. G. Sofia. July 1977 U. Saroyan gives an interview at the International Congress of Writers from Europe, USA and Canada.
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, leisure
, standard of living
, cultural connections
, literature
, borbazamir
, sculpture
, painting
, a family
, home life
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V. Baikov
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