Materials on the Film The Baltic States Demand Letters

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Moscow city. The queue of citizens of the USSR wishing to emigrate from the country, at the building of the US Embassy. Latvia. Riga seaside. Diving work on raising aerial bombs during the Second World War. Sappers detonate shells in the dunes. Riga city. Military bands are walking down the street. Monument to the heroes of the Second World War. The newlyweds lay flowers at the monument. House where S. Eisenstein was born. Exhibition of a poster at the Academy of Arts. Rally of soldiers' mothers on the square near the Dome Cathedral. Passport control of Latvian customs. Demonstration on the square on February 23, 1990. Latvian-Lithuanian border. Road signs to Klaipeda and Liepaja. Lithuania. Klaipeda seaport. Ferry. Border guard soldier on the pier. Kaunas city. A pile of rubble and debris at the site of the tank monument. Squares, buildings of the city. House of Officers. Neman river. Vilnius city. The building of the "Sajudis" society. Demonstrations in front of the building of the Parliament of the Supreme Council of Lithuania. Baltics. Soviet military ship at sea. Tank unit. Exercises on the parade ground. Military training. Open Day in the Sevastopol Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment named after the Red Latvian Riflemen. Military unit No. 21618 of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Life of a family of officers. Family hostel.
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Film ID
social and political movement
, customs
, armed forces
, architecture
, guarding the state border
, sea transport
, citizenship
, population
, navy
, agitation
, higher state bodies
, diplomatic relations
, professional education
, cities
, 2nd world war
, special troops
, a family
Number of Parts
K. Durnov, A. Richev
Other Creators
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Release Date
No Sound

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