Materials on the Film The Quiet Voice of Academician Sakharov

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Moscow city. December 20, 1989 People's Deputy S. B. Stankevich meets with voters in the House of Culture "Meridian". Moscow city. January 1990 People's Deputies of the USSR Yu. N. Afanasyev, V. Lysenko, S. Stankevich, N. Ivanov, G. Gdlyan. Ukrainians living in Moscow are discussing their national problems at the monument to T.G. Shevchenko. Meeting of grief over the death of A. D. Sakharov. Rallies of protest against the role of the USSR Armed Forces in the events in the Caucasus. V. Urazhtsev is present. Afghan warriors at a memorial service for those killed in the church on Eliseevsky Lane. A rally in defense of democracy on the Crimean shaft. Manifestation. Columns of demonstrators pass through the streets of the city. Among those present: V. Korotich, N. Ivanov, G. Gdlyan. Police outside the Central Telegraph building. The funeral of A. D. Sakharov. Funeral procession. Farewell to Sakharov's body and funeral service at the Youth Palace. Speakers: G. Kh. Popov, Yu. N. Afanasyev, S. Fedorov. Present: Boris N. Yeltsin, E. K. Ligachev, Yu. N. Afanasyev, T. Kh. Popov, E. A. Evtushenko, E. T. Bonner.
There is no data
Film ID
social and political movement
, club type institutions
, funeral
, electoral system
Number of Parts
A. Zaitsev, V. Stupin
Other Creators
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Release Date
Has Sound

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