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Moscow city. Moscow State University. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor O. A. Oleinik gives a lecture, conducts classes with students. Photos by O. A. Oleinik and I. G. Petrovsky of different years. (cor. 1). Moscow region. Star city. Pilot-cosmonaut S. Savitskaya in training. S. Savitskaya in the laboratory of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman talks with employees. S. Savitskaya in a forest near Moscow for a walk. The city of Gagarin. S. Savitskaya visiting Yuri Gagarin's mother, AT Gagarina, at the Yuri Gagarin Museum. (cor. 2). Moscow city. 1983 year. Holiday on May 9. Meeting at the building of the Bolshoi Theater of veterans of the 863 Krakow Division, the People's Militia Division, the 160th Brest Infantry Division, the 106th Aviation Regiment. Present - E. S. Korotchenko. (cor. 3). Moscow city. Soviet Peace Committee. November 1983. Meeting of the committee presidium. Yu. A. Zhukov speaking. Present: V. V. Tereshkova, Z. M. Kruglova. Soviet Peace Fund. 1983 year. Registration of money transfers and valuables transferred to the Fund. Gifts sent to the Foundation, including the works of the artist - T. A. Gavrilov (Dagestan). Press conference. Z. M. Kruglova is speaking. (cor. 4). Moscow city. Shop "Toy House". Frida Brown, President of the International Democratic Federation of Women, visits the store. September 14, 1979. Moscow city. Kremlin. N. Blokhin, Chairman of the Committee for International Lenin Prizes, presents F. Brown with the International Lenin Prize. (cor. 5). Moscow city. Soviet Women's Committee. September 14, 1979 F. Brown gives interviews (synchronously in English).
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Film ID
, higher professional education
, the great patriotic war
, socio-political organizations
, situation of different sections of the population
, international connections
, state trade
, borbazamir
, awards
, cosmonautics
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Izvekov, G. Myakishev, V. Maev, E. Marfel
Other Creators
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Release Date
Has Sound

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