May There Always Be Friendship

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Moscow city. Stay of the Finnish government delegation headed by the Minister of Social Affairs Olavi Saarinen. Government delegation at the Kremlin Palace. AI Mikoyan welcomes the delegation. Embassy of Finland in Moscow. At a reception among the guests A. A. Gromyko, F. R. Kozlov. Kremlin theater. Meeting of the public in Moscow on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Soviet Union and Finland. Among the speakers: Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR NS Patolichev and head of the Finnish delegation Olavi Saarinen. Newsreel: 1960, Khrushchev's stay in Finland and the President of Finland U. K. Kekkonen in Moscow. Types of streets in Moscow. Finnish guests at a meeting with the youth and the public of the capital at the labor reserve club and the House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries. The city of Leningrad. Members of the Finnish delegation in Razliv, in a boarding school, in a shoe factory, Piskarevskoye cemetery, in one of the workers' clubs in Leningrad, at an exhibition of Finnish books, at a friendship evening in the Tauride Palace.
A. Rybakova
Film ID
footwear industry
, school education
, cultural connections
, international connections
, youth organizations
, diplomatic relations
Number of Parts
G. Zakharova, S. Kiselev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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