May There Always Be Sunshine

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Arrival of delegates and guests of the World Congress of Women in Moscow. Among them: J. Cotton, Vo-Ti-The, S. Leonard, R. Short, E. Williams, Brunilda Atila, Julieta Campusana, Dado Sotiriou, Dolores Ibarruri, Tamina Salam Adil, I. Blum, Marie Claude Vayan Couturier, Maria Maddalena Rossi, Mirra von Kuhlmann, Edith Erdey, V. Gaganova, J. Vermersch. Session of the Congress at the Palace of Congresses. Speakers: V. Tereshkova, E. Cotton, Nua Keita, Vilma Espin de Castro, Fuki Kushida, Gilya Tedesco, Tamina Salam Adil. The delegates are in the hall, singing. The pioneers greet the congress participants. Delegates to the Congress in the Park of Culture and Leisure. The city of Kiev. Delegates greet residents. The streets of the town. The city of Leningrad. Women lay flowers on the graves of the victims of the blockade. Palace Square. The city of Volgograd. The streets of the town. Residents on the streets. Delegates talk with women doctors. Chronicle: women clear the road, at a construction site (1946-47). Chronicle: black women at work; children on the streets. USA. The Statue of Liberty. Chronicle: police disperse a demonstration of blacks. Cuba. Chronicle: young people write, look at books, dance. USA. Chronicle: aircraft in the air; soldiers in the streets; nuclear explosion. France. Chronicle: strike of miners; women with children are walking; overclocking the demonstration. Vietnam. Chronicle: arrest of patriots. Congress delegates plant flowers. Congressional appeal. Members of the Chinese delegation who voted against the appeal. Closing of the congress. Presentation by E. Cotton.
N. Solovyova
Film ID
the second world war
, demonstrations
, military conflicts
, international womens movement
, cities
, strikes
Number of Parts
V. Khodyakov, A. Vakurova, Yu. Monglovsky, L. Pankin, M. Popova, A. Sarantsev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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