Maya Plisetskaya

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M. Plisetskaya is dancing. The audience is applauding. Family photos. Chronicle. Classes in the ballet class are conducted by E. Gerdt. Young M. Plisetskaya among the students. M. Plisetskaya in the classroom A. Meserer. Fragments from PI Tchaikovsky's ballets "Swan Lake", "The Sleeping Beauty". M. Plisetskaya and N. Fadeechev are dancing. The rehearsal of the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" is being conducted by Y. Grigorovich and M. Semenova (synchronously). Photos of M. Plisetskaya in various performances. Fragment from the ballet "Laurencia", A. A. Kerin. Adagio from A. Khachaturian's ballet "Spartacus", dancing M. Plisetskaya and D. Begak. Fragment from R. Shchedrin's ballet "The Little Humpbacked Horse". M. Plisetskaya speaks (synchronously) and shows the dance. M. Plisetskaya is dancing "The Dying Swan" by K. Saint-Saens, in the hall she is watching on the screen a fragment of Glazunov's ballet "Raymonda" with her participation. Fragment from S. Prokofiev's ballet "Stone Flower", dancing M. Plisetskaya and V. Vasiliev. M. Plisetskaya is walking down the street, driving in a car; trying on a ballet costume. Fragment from S. Prokofiev's ballet "Romeo and Juliet", dancing M. Plisetskaya, N. Fadeechev, Yu. Zhdanov. M. Plisetskaya among the members of the amateur circle. Conversations with graduates of the choreographic school. Fragment from the ballet "Walpurgis Night" by S. Gounod. M. Plisetskaya in the city of Venice, at the youth festival in Budapest. Fragment from LF Minkus's ballet "Don Quixote", dancing M. Plisetskaya and V. Tikhonov. Presentation of M. Plisetskaya Lenin Prize. M. Plisetskaya is speaking.
V. Katanyan
Film ID
international youth movement
, cultural connections
, theatre
, artistic activities
, professional education
, sculpture
, awards
, music
Number of Parts
А. Crab
Other Creators
Script by V. Komisarzhevsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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