Med Konvojover Atlanten With Convoy Across the Atlantic

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The film tells about the delivery of military equipment and military equipment to Great Britain from the USA and Canada under Lend-Lease across the Atlantic Ocean. 1 part. General view of the telegraph poles along the road along which the car travels. The car drives up to the gate, the sentry opens the gate, lets the car pass. Men get out of the car, observe the movement of the tank (behind the scenes, the sound of a moving tank). General view of one of the streets of London, people are passing by, among them the military, passing vehicles, incl. and a double-decker bus. View of Nelson's Column in Trafalgard Square (background). Panorama of high-rise buildings in Manhattan (filmed from the passage of a ship in New York Harbor). NDP (bottom up) on the high-rise building of the Empire State Building. NDP from the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. General view of the building of the United States Congress (Capitol) in Washington. The movement of cars. A meeting of the military on the organization of a convoy of US warships for transport ships sailing across the Atlantic to Great Britain. Ships in the New York port. Loading operations on one of the transport ships. An inscription on one of the buildings (in English): “British Department of War Transport. Representative office in the USA ". Ministry employees in one of the offices. One of the employees speaks on the phone (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). Arrival of a representative of the ministry on the lead ship of the convoy, which will escort cargo transport across the Atlantic to the UK. The representative of the ministry greets the captain of the vessel, hands him the document. The captain reads the document, talks with a representative of the ministry. (sync. in English; subtitles in Swedish) A sentry is posted at the entrance to the premises of the BULLARD company. General view of the sign at the entrance to the NDP "DEFFNSEPLAHTE" and "PART OF THE ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY". General view of the parking lot and the convoy of cargo vans / transport company / "GROSS" on the territory of the enterprise. The drivers get into the cab of the vans, the cars set off on the highway. (USA, Canada ??). Vans drive along the road to the seaport, around a winter landscape (USA, Canada ??). NDP on one of the vans “Military equipment for Britain (urgently). The view of the settlements, past which the vans pass. The traffic controller stands on the road. Carrying out loading operations on ships in the port. Cargo vans moving on the road to the seaport of New York. NDP at one of the buildings in New York "WEST 57 STREET". NDP "RADIO DIVISION". Interior view of the radio station premises. Radio operators broadcast messages about the progress of the convoy of vans (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). The captain on board, listening to the chief mate's report (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). The vans move along the night highway, entering New York. Streets of the city at night with bright advertisements. Broadway. Vans enter the harbor grounds. NDP on containers “Machine tools. BULLARD. Bridgeport. Conn ". Loading. Delivered cargo in the hold of the ship. Docker at the winch. The ship is sailing along the bay. The lights of Manhattan are shining. General view of the Statue of Liberty with a luminous torch. Part 2. The captain of the convoy ship looks through binoculars, speaks into the camera (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). The Ottawa People's Democratic Party appears. General view of the city of Ottawa. Meeting in / Ottawa / on the issue of a convoy of freight transport across the Atlantic. Presentation of the convoy commander. Ships in the harbor of the port. The boat is approaching the lead convoy ship ahead of the transport. The captain and his assistants board the ship. The type of container in which the components of the tank are located. Production processes in the workshop of one of the enterprises (USA, UK ??). Workers are working on machines, talking to each other (sync. In English). The convoy ship is sailing in the ocean. The captain on the bridge, looking through binoculars, talks about the route of transport ships across the Atlantic (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). Members of the convoy's crew conduct observations from the deck of the ship using periscopes for the detection of a German submarine. An alarm sounds. Enemy submarine found. / Staged filming? /: Team members of a German submarine discover a caravan of ships on the horizon, the boat goes to dive, prepares to attack. The convoy team prepares to launch torpedoes at a German submarine. Direct hit of torpedoes on a submarine. The captain of the convoy talks about that. that a convoy of ships is approaching Glasgow (sync. in English; subtitles in Swedish). Manufacturing processes in the workshop of one of the UK enterprises, where tanks are assembled. The sign on the door with the NDP "MINISTRY OF WAR TRANSPORT SHIPPING" DIVERSION "ROOM NO ENTRY THIS DOOR MUST BE KEPT CLOSED" The sentry is at the door. A military officer enters the door. General view of the meeting in the office of the Ministry, where the issue of the arrival of cargo sea transport from the United States, accompanied by an escort, to Liverpool is discussed (sync. In English; subtitles in Swedish). Delivery of goods of the American company "BULLARD" to one of the enterprises of Great Britain. Production processes in the shops of the enterprise, where military equipment is assembled. The movement of a freight railway train. On the open platforms of the train there are Matilda tanks.
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economic communications
, the second world war
, marine fleet
, automobile transport
, defense industry
, railway transport
, usa
, great britain
, canada
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