Meditating by the Palette

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The film tells about the life and work of Belarusian artists of the 19th century V. Vankovich, I. Khrutsky, N. Silivanovich, K. Olkhimovich, F. Ruschits. Part I. Portraits of artists: V. Vankovich, I. Khrutsky, N. Silivanovich, K. Olkhimovich, F. Ruschits. Lithuanian SSR. city of Vilnius. The building of the Orthodox Holy Spiritual Monastery. Vilnius University building. State Art Museum of Lithuania. Belarus. Minsk Region. The building of V. Vankovich's summer estate in the village of Slipyanka. Leningrad. Neva River. Building of the State Russian Museum. Museum exhibits. Pictures of the artist I. Khrutsky. The building of St. Isaac's Cathedral, mosaic works of the artist N. Silivanovich in the cathedral. The building of the Leningrad Institute of Painting and Sculptural Architecture. Repin. Poland. Church, residential buildings. city of Warsaw. One of the streets of the city. Pictures of the artist K. Olkhimovich (Alkhimovich) in the National Museum of the city. The building of the National Museum in Krakow. Part II. Canvases by the artist F. Ruschits. Belarus. Rural cemetery. Minsk. Vysiavka watercolors on one of the streets of the city. Street artists paint portraits of people. Artist M. Savitsky talks about his work and art (sinhr.).
S. Gaiduk
Film ID
rural settlements
, funeral
, private buildings
, christianity
, landscapes
, libraries
, monuments of architecture
, painting
, city
, art
Number of Parts
S. Novikai
Other Creators
Sound engineer L. Vezhnevets
Release Date
Has Sound

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