Meeting on the Elbe

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The film tells about the historical meeting on the Elbe of Soviet and American soldiers, about one of the participants in this significant meeting - the front-line soldier A.S. Silvashko, who walked along the roads of war from Stalingrad to Berlin. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. Schoolchildren are sitting in the classroom at their desks at a history lesson, which is conducted by A.S. Silvashko; A.S. Silvashko tells (sinhr.) About the battles in the Elbe area; World War II veteran V.S. Pavlovets shares his memories of a meeting on the Elbe with the Americans (sync. and for the frame.) Newsreel footage: columns of soldiers are walking, tanks are passing, a sign by the road with the NDP "Berlin 896 km"; soldiers and tanks in battle, smoke from explosions; a view of the bridge over the Elbe, Hortensfels castle on the opposite bank, explosions on the river, a dead soldier lies, a view of a destroyed bridge, an American soldier fires a rifle, American tanks in the burning town of Torgau, on one of the city streets; general view of broken German military equipment on the road, refugees are returning to the city, there is a column of German prisoners of war, the release of prisoners from a concentration camp, the liberated prisoners are walking along the bridge, a large crowd of people in an open field, the burning castle Hortensfels in Torgau, a panorama along the river, a soldier looks into binoculars to the opposite bank, people are walking across the bridge, American soldiers are on the banks of the Elbe, a jeep with soldiers is passing by, Soviet soldiers are being ferried by boat to the opposite bank of the Elbe to the Americans. Part 2 Veteran of the Great Patriotic War A.S. Silvashko shares his memories of the meeting on the Elbe with the Americans (sync. and for the frame.); Colonel, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Deputy. Head of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces N.A. Pechen tells about the fate of the officers who took part in the meeting on the Elbe (sinhr. and off-screen.); veteran of the Great Patriotic War V.F. Neda - the widow of the battalion commander V.Neda sits in her room, goes through photographs, shares her memories of the war, talks about her husband (sync. and off-frame.), room interiors; newsreels: a meeting of Soviet and American officers and soldiers, an American cameraman filming the meeting, American and Soviet officers with glasses of wine; a car with the military goes down Torgau Street, an inflatable boat with the military swims up to the shore, Soviet soldiers stand on the shore, American soldiers go ashore, columns of Soviet and American soldiers pass, war correspondents are present when the allies meet; Soviet soldiers are dancing, an orchestra is playing, an American officer is presenting an award to Marshal I. Konev, Soviet and American soldiers are at a festive table with glasses in their hands, a Soviet officer and an American girl - an American army officer are sitting side by side at the table, the girl is dancing; American girls are sitting at the festive table; a group of Soviet officers passes through the location of American troops; nurses in the hospital carry the wounded, the wounded soldiers in the hospital ward, the orderlies carry the wounded on a stretcher. 3rd part Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a former nurse in the surgical dressing platoon V.F. Neda tells (sync. and behind the scenes.) how her husband - the battalion commander Vasily Ned, who participated in the legendary meeting with the Americans on the Elbe in 1945, was called a traitor to the Motherland in a special department, was expelled from the party, as he was very upset after the war all the conversations related to the meeting on the Elbe of Soviet and American troops, how hard and poor he lived with his family; schoolchildren in the classroom watching TV, where they show the traditional meeting of war veterans in Torgau on the Elbe on April 25, 2005; among the participants of the meeting their teacher of history - A.S. Silvashko; Torgau square, people are sitting at tables in a cafe, general view of the Hrtensfels castle, the bridge over the Elbe, a group of young people on the banks of the Elbe; A.S. Silvashko is a teacher from the Belarusian village of Moroch, an honorary citizen of Torgau, Kansas and Dallas in Torgau. General view of a country road, men ride a cart, remove a plow from the cart.
А. Alay Valley
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, school education
, everyday life
, usa
, cities
, germany
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A. Kazazaev
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