Meeting with France

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Stay of Nikita Khrushchev in France: meeting at the Orly airfield in Paris in the presence of French President de Gaulle, travel through Paris, laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, visiting Fort Mont Valerien, the France-USSR society, the Mint , Theater Grand Opera. Press conference of NS Khrushchev (sinhr.). Nikita Khrushchev's meeting with the leaders of the French Communist Party, Jacques Duclos and Maurice Torez, visiting the museum-apartment of V. I. Lenin. Stay Khrushchev in the city of Bordeaux: a reception at the mayor's office. Views of the city of Bordeaux. Stay of NS Khrushchev in the city of Lak: a visit to the gas plant, the ancient castle of Po. Stay Khrushchev in the city of Nimes: sightseeing of the city, a visit to the water-lifting station, meeting with the inhabitants of the city. Stay Khrushchev in the city of Arles: acquaintance with the sights of the city, performance of the city dance group. Stay Khrushchev in the city of Marseilles: sightseeing of the city, meeting with residents of the city. reception at the town hall. Stay of NS Khrushchev and his entourage in the city of Dijon: inspection at the marshalling station of electric locomotives made for the USSR, meetings with residents of the city of Dijon, visiting the monument to the French who fell near Verdun during the First World War, the Verdun field, the city of Verdun. Stay Khrushchev in Reims, In Enerne, in Melle, meetings with workers of industrial enterprises.
S. Yutkevich
Film ID
world war i
, france
, industry
, economic communications
, local authorities
, water supply
, museums
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, theaters
, cities
, railway transport
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
D. Kaspiy, V. Kiselev, V. Troshkin
Other Creators
text author G. Kublitsky, sound engineer V. Kotov, announcer L. Khmara, editor L. Pertsova, composer A. Lokshin, music producer I. Schweitzer, assistant director I. Egorova, director M. Eminov
Release Date
Has Sound

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